April 20, 2017

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 7:00 AM by President Alexa Rundquist.

Roll Call: Alexa Rundquist, President; Jacob Millner, President-Elect; Nancy Davis, Secretary; Stacey Quinn, Secretary-Elect; Mac Hardin, Treasurer. Bob Hersman, Mark Magney, Katie Williams, Char Murphy, Lenny Newman, Neal Enzenauer, Bill Sorteberg, Scott Johnson, Chris Carr, Dan Narr.

President’s Report:
Member Update: We have 58 members and three on LOA.
Roteract: West Metro Roteract disbanned last month.
Dates I will be gone: I will be out of town April 26th, May 3rd, and May 17th – Jacob will be leading the meetings.

Treasurer’s Report:
Mac distributed budget update – Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual – July 2016-March 2017. There is a net negative income with pending payment of fourth quarter meals. Gifts/awards is up $xxx due to order of club lighted pens to last us 2 yrs. Payment for PETS will show up in fourth quarter report. Additional $xxx for Minnetonka Winterfest was not in original budget. Dues for RI and for District will increase slightly in July. There is $xx,xxx in the checkbook to date. Total funds collected for Polio Plus: $2713 which exceeds our $2650 goal. Budget for 2017-2018 will be presented at the June Board meeting and will be put to vote in July. At that point, excess funds from 2016-2017 can be moved from operating budget to Minnetonka Foundation as we have done in years past.

President-Elect’s Report:
Jacob will preside over next Wednesday’s meeting as Alexa will be out of town. Jacob reminded those present of the District Conference on April 28. Our club pays for President, PE, Secretary, and Secretary-Elect to attend. RI Conference in Atlanta scheduled for June 9-15. We should consider rescheduling our June 15 Board meeting.

Secretary’s Report:
Nancy reported attendance running about 80%. We have 58 members. None in the pipeline according to Membership Committee.

Secretary-Elect’s Report:
Stacey reported make ups are up to date. Make ups not used in the quarter are discarded. Multiple members with 100% attendance.

Fundraising Chair Report:
Chris Carr announced the first meeting of this committee: May 9, 5:00 PM, Tuttle’s. Financial goal of the fall golf fundraiser will be set at the first meeting. Committee will focus on getting new club members involved in the fundraiser. Date for event will be either September 7 or 14. Plusses and minuses of the dates discussed – Scott Johnson will check with the golf course’s schedule.

Minnetonka SpringFest Fundraiser Report:
Alexa reported on behalf of Mark Marlin. The date is still June 24, 4-10:30 PM. She has made arrangements for a photo booth to be at the event. There are insufficient funds in the current fundraiser account to cover startup costs. Situation reviewed by Nate Rundquist, Ben Monnens, Lenny Newman, Mark Marlin, and Alexa. Alexa requests $3500 to be transferred from operating into fundraising account. MOTION by Stacey to move $3500 from operating to fundraising account for start up expenses. Seconded by Katie. Passed by voice vote. Mac would like the transfer to be paid back by June 30 – end of fiscal year. Chris Rosenlund is working on getting beer vendor for the event. Alexa reminded those present that all club members will be asked to take the online course before we sell beer.

Youth Exchange Report:
Katie reported she has placed ads re: Youth Exchange in the Hopkins High School parent newsletter. She will staff a Youth Exchange booth at the school’s open house April 27. Jose will also be there. Jose will give his presentation to the club in 2 weeks. We have an inbound student from France for next year. (FYI: We solicit students from the Hopkins High School only for Youth Exchange. Two clubs in Excelsior solicit from the Minnetonka High School). On a separate issue, Katie has been approached by Amy _______ for a community wide meeting of civic groups, including Rotary. Dan will represent our club at the May 3 meeting.

Membership Committee Report:
Bill reported all 5 of our newest members attended the Fireside Chats. Open House is scheduled for May 3 at the Gold Nugget. Several commented we should extend another membership invitation to the Minnetonka Fire Chief, John Vance.

Visioning Committee Report:
Bob commented that our participation in the Minnetonka SpringFest meets our visioning goals to better connect with the Minnetonka community. We discussed the club’s participation in the GED program held at Eisenhower. Some of the logistics were discussed. Katie suggested a good way to understand the program would be to attend their graduation ceremony set for June 5, 7:00 PM at the Hopkins Art Center. Hearing the stories of the graduates would be motivating. We should consider having the director of the GED program come and speak to our club next year. On a separate issue, Bob took the polio plus flyer distributed at yesterday’s meeting – “Five Reasons to Eradicate Polio” – had it laminated and will set up a small counter display in his place of business to solicit loose change. Nancy said she will put together additional polio jugs and signs for other club members who could place them in their places of business.

Community Service Committee Report:
Char is happy to know our new Rotary Club badges are in the mail and can be used at the Highway Seven Clean Up. Mark Magney will have a roadside sign on display that day. Christine Leick will do an email blast to staff our volunteer slots at ICA. The May 20 Paws Walk has lots of volunteers already. There is a retirement party for Barb Westmoreland from Empty Bowls on May 10. Contact Char for details if you wish to attend.

Minnetonka Rotary Foundation Report:
Lenny reported the next committee meeting is April 26. He and his committee continued to be pleased to have so many non-committee members attend the meetings. Advantages include: Better informed club members, cultivating members to serve on the committee next year, and additional input to the grant proposal deliberations. There is approximately $3000 left in the domestic account and $3500 in the international account. Next year the Foundation will have approximately $22K at its disposal. The last meeting of the year is slated for June 7.

International Service Committee Report:
Dan reported the committee is meeting frequently to meet its goals. He will present three proposals to the Minnetonka Foundation next week.

RI Foundation Committee Report:
Alexa reported on behalf of Chris Rosenlund. We have collected $xx,xxx to date and have surpassed our goal of $23,000. A Paul Harris dinner is scheduled for April 27 at the Edina Country Club. We currently have 18 Paul Harris Society members and 24 Paul Harris Fellows.

Public Relations Committee Report:
Neal reported the name www.MinnetonkaRotary.org is up for renewal. The cost is $90 for 3 years and due August 15. It continues to get us name recognition on the internet. After a brief discussion, MOTION by Lenny and seconded by Stacey to pay the renewal from operating budget. Passed by voice vote. Press releases re: Open House will go to Sun Sailor and Patch. Alexa will also post the info on our Facebook page.

Social Committee Report:
Cathy reported the Open House is scheduled for May 3. The progressive dinner is scheduled for June 8. Hosts will be Magneys, Enzenauers, and Wengronowitz. End of the year celebration at Maynard’s is scheduled for June 28.
On a separate issue, Alexa will ask for Rotary Club Member of the Year suggestions next month. We discussed which members received this honor in the past so that appropriate nominations can be entertained. ?Should they be posted somewhere?

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:15 AM.

Next meeting: May 18, 7:00 AM, Gilda’s Club.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Davis, Secretary