Building Responsible Youth

Building Responsible Youth is the motto of the Minnetonka Rotary. Our club banner, above, shows the puzzle pieces of young people we are helping to put together.

We believe that our young people are our future. The Annual Scholarships we give to Minnetonka and Hopkins High School Sudents and the Hennepin Co Home School are examples of that commitment.

We are involved every year with international exchange students.

This year Adrien from Denmark. Last year Muthia from Indonesia, and the year before Perina from Peru. The year before Ernesto from Sicily came to Hopkins / Minnetonka and attended Hopkins High School.

The last two years we have sponsored two Outbound Hopkins High School Students. A girl, Tia, went to Japan and just returned is Meg who was in Columbia. We believe these international exchanges give our young people a broader understanding of the world and will teach them tolerance and respect for other cultures.

In Building Responsible Youth we believe our actions are our strongest endorsement. The Minnetonka Rotary has provided grants or funding for the following over the last twelve months.

1) We sponsored three youth to Camp Enterprise and gave them an understanding of how business enterprises work and how they can fit into the business world.
2) A Grant to Teens Alone in support of our young people, who live on the fringe of trouble.
3) A Grant to Camp Tanadoona for facilities improvements, so that thousands of youth can experience a safe summer camp every year right here on Christmas Lake.
4) Funds were provided to the Higuey Orphanage, in the Dominican Republic for much needed school supplies.
5) Supporting funds were provided to the local Rotary Club in Chapala, Mexico to help buy equipment to furnish a kitchen for the High School there so that breakfast and lunches were available for these in need young people.

We also believe that our time should be well spent and with the beginning of the school year we are again starting our middle school mentoring program .... because these young people need support other than a parent to talk to. Sometimes youth need a guide and we try to provide that guidance.

Building Responsible Youth isn't just a goal it is our passion and we try to make sure that we live up to our commitment to the young people in our community.