February 16, 2016

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 7:05 AM by President Alexa Rundquist.

Roll Call: Alexa Rundquist, President; Jacob Millner, President-Elect, Nancy Davis, Secretary; Stacey Quinn, Secretary-Elect; Mac Hardin, Treasurer. Bill Sorteberg, Mark Magney, Christine Leick, Neal Enzenauer, Ron Levitus, Guy Marzano, Cathy Carlson, Lenny Newman, Char Murphy, Mark Marlin, Chris Rosenlund, Sara Edwards.

President’s Report
1. Alexa requested one addition to today’s previously published agenda: The potential Area Five Speaker Meeting featuring Senator Amy Klobuchar. By voice vote, all agreed to add today’s agenda.
2. Member Update: Fred Ladner and Darlyne Erickson were inducted as new members yesterday. Devon Roehrich will be inducted next week. This brings membership up to 56 and reflects 4 new members this year. The goal for membership is 59 total by the end of June. There are several frequent visitors who have expressed a desire to become members. .
3. West Metro Rotaract. The discussion from last month was taken up. All Area Five clubs have been asked by Mary Kurth, District Chair for Rotaract clubs, to consider sponsorship. West Metro Rotaract has approximately 12 active members. Sponsorship would require our club to contribute $200. After a brief discussion,motion by Jacob Millner and seconded by Nancy Davis to sponsor West Metro Rotaract at the cost of $200 with the provision that we identify 2 Minnetonka RC members who are willing to be the club “champions” and take ownership of the sponsorship. Discussion followed. Other Area Five clubs have expressed an interest in sponsorship. A new commitment on our part may compromise attendance at some of our other club activities. Motion by Chris Rosenlund and seconded by Alexa to table the current motion until we poll the entire club for two such volunteers/champions. Passed by voice vote.
4. Minnetonka Summerfest June 24. Alexa asked Mark Marlin to present the proposal as he has headed the exploratory committee along with Alexa, Ann, Cathy, Jennifer, Jerald, Katie, and Lenny. A two page detailed handout of the proposal was distributed. Our involvement would be beer/wine concession. Committee members have met with the city event planner, Mayor Terry Schneider, and other city officials who are all in favor of our participation. A thorough discussion of the pros and cons followed. Major points include: bartender training by all club members; issues with underage drinking, liability, and insurance; comparison with other clubs’ fundraising with alcohol sales; profit potential to Minnetonka RC Foundation. The City of Minnetonka requests a decision by April. Motion by Chris Rosenlund and seconded by Mark Magney to pursue beer/wine concession fundraiser as part of Minnetonka Summerfest. Passed by voice vote. Mark agreed to continue serving as committee chair. Further discussion at the next board meeting. .
5. Committee and Chair Assignments. “Leadership Chain, Board Members, Committee Chair and Committee Descriptions” was previously distributed via email. Alexa compiled the 22 page document from previous job descriptions submitted by various committee chairs. Any additions or corrections should be emailed to Alexa and once we have final approval, it will be posted on Club Runner and distributed to new members. It was recommended that all specific dollar amounts be omitted and instead use the phrase “refer to the budget.”
6. Area Five Speaker Meeting Featuring Senator Amy Klobuchar. A two page handout describing the proposal was previously distributed via email. The initial impetus for the proposal came from our Program Committee which wanted a club speaker on human trafficking. It was then considered for a District event. Since all of the speaker slots for the District Conference on April 28 were booked, Area Five Presidents agreed to have the Senator speak at an Area Five Event after the District Conference. Minnetonka RC would be the primary host. A prolonged discussion followed. Major points included costs, logistics of registration, PR, and potential political overtones. Motion by Mark Magney and seconded by Stacey Quinn to take the lead in hosting the Area Five Speaker Meeting Featuring Senator Amy Klobuchar. Passed unanimously by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report
Mac reported a balance of $xx,xxx in the checkbook. Eighty percent of the third quarter meals have been paid. We have reached 75% of our Polio Plus campaign which ends April 30. The $600 for Minnetonka Winterfest needs to be paid. Happy Bucks and Raffle yesterday broke records as it garnered $187. Ben Monnens has agreed to organize a “March Madness” for Polio Plus. Details pending.

President-Elect’s Report
Jacob will attend PETS training March 9-11 in Ames, Iowa along with Alexa and Guy. He is also attending RI Convention in Atlanta in June alone with Nancy, Char, and Mark Magney. Motion by Jacob and seconded by Mark Magney to grant Jacob $100 for the purchase of his Rotary business cards. Passed unanimously by voice vote. Alexa recommends we made this a budget item in the future.

Secretary’s Report
Nancy reported two possible international projects based on her recent trip to India and interaction with Rotary Clubs of Delhi and Darjeeling. She will discuss proposals with Dann Narr, International Committee.

Secretary-Elect’s Report
Stacey reported that she is still not getting make ups promptly. Committee Chairs are asked to submit names after meetings so she can keep records current.

Membership Report
Bill reported we will have 57 members after induction of Devon Roehrich next week. He needs two more mentors for new members. Mark Magney reported a Fireside Chat for new members will be held in April – date pending. Our contribution to the Twin Cities Young Professionals Summit May 19 Silver Sponsorship will not be used as not enough clubs responded to Steve Solbrack’s proposal. (for details see the January Board meeting minutes).

Community Service Report
Char reported Empty Bowls is scheduled for March 7. Our participation at ICA twice per month is going well. Highway7 Clean Up will be scheduled soon. The Committee meets again February 28.

International Service Report
No report

Foundation (RI) Report
Chris Rosenlund reported that PDG Tim Murphy and PDG Jim Nelson will speak at our club on April 26 in recognition of our club’s RI giving. We have surpassed our annual goal by $5k .

Social Committee Report
Cathy and Sara reported the St. Patrick’s Day Social is scheduled for March 15 and the progressive dinner is scheduled for June 8. End of the Rotary year party is scheduled for June 28.

Public Relations Committee Report
Neal will pursue getting ID badges for members to wear while volunteering at committee service events such as Loaves and Fishes. He will apply for a District matching grant to cover the cost.

Foundation (Club) Report
Lenny reported we now have all our banking services transferred to Signature Bank with two separate accounts: one for operating and one for fundraising. Approximately $2700 is left for international projects this year.

Fundraising Committee Report
No update

Visioning Chair Report
Bob Hersman says “Hi!” from Arizona. He misses us!

Meeting adjourned at 8:27 AM by President Alexa Rundquist

Next Meeting
March 23, 2017. 7:00 AM

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Davis, Secretary