January 19, 2017

Call to Order: Meeting called to order by Alexa Rundquist, President at 7:15 AM

Roll Call: Alexa Rundquist, President;, Jacob Millne, President Elect; Nancy Davis, Secretary; Stacey Quinn, Secretary Elect. Christine Leick, Katie Williams, Chris Carr, Dann Narr, Neal Enzenauer, Guy Marzano, Bob Hersman, Mark Magney, Char Murphy, Scott Johnson, Mark Forsberg, Sara Hillesheim. Guest – Mary Kurth, District Chair for Rotaract Clubs

President’s Report:
--> 1. West Metro Rotaract. (document generated by Mary Kurth circulated for review). Mary reviewed the structure of Rotaract Clubs and noted they are designed for young professionals who lack the financial resources or time for regular Rotary Club. They are very interested in service and professional mentoring. West Metro was chartered 18 mos ago with support from the Wayzata RC, which has since stepped back. Twelve months ago the Bloomington Noon RC assumed sponsorship. There are 40 members on the rolls, 12 very involved and only 4 actually attend the monthly meetings. Mary is looking for three additional RC to sponsor West Metro. There is only one other active Rotaract Club in District 5950 – in St. Cloud. A detailed discussion followed. Rotaract would fit in with our club’s mission to build responsible youth which was emphasized at the last Visioning Committee meeting. Alexa recommended all Board members read the Rotaract Handbook and information circulated with the agenda on line and we will resume this discussion next month to determine how Minnetonka Rotary will move forward.
--> 2. Minnetonka Winter Fest. Scheduled for Sunday, January 22. We sponsored the dog sled races. Several club members have volunteered to attend – will hand out stickers and balloons to people waiting in line for the dog sled races.
--> 3. Minnetonka Summer Fest. Katie reported this is scheduled for June 24. Up to 10,000 people attend. We have been offered the beer concession which has the potential to raise additional funds. Lenny has checked with RI for insurance coverage. We would have the exclusive alcohol concession. City of Minnetonka would not charge us any fees. Servers are required to take an on line class before the event. Input from the full club membership is recommended. We will discuss again next month and make a final decision. Most Board members in attendance are in favor the fundraiser.
--> 4. Members. Terri Bonoff is moving out of state and has left the club. Two guests are interested in joining. Three members remain LOA. One member requesting LOA now. Two members will be absent for professional reasons but do not want LOA status.
--> 5. Committee and Chair Assignments. Jacob and Alexa are finalizing the document. It will be presented at the February Board meeting.
--> 6. Twin Cities Young Professionals annual Summit May 19. (see handout). Steve Solbrack, District 5950 Membership Chair, invited the 20 Rotary Clubs in the communities represented by the seven Chamber of Commerces to participate in the Summit by becoming a Silver Sponsor. This is a great opportunity for PR and member recruitment. A brief discussion followed. Motion by Char Murphy and seconded by Mark Magney to contribute $250 in sponsorship. Motion carried unanimously. Mark Magney will communicate our decision to Steve Solbrack.
--> 7. Club Assembly. Scheduled for March – date TBD. Alexa changed the format to ensure meeting time was staying within the allotted hour. She asked which reports are high priority. Christine Leick wants to speak about ICA and Dann Narr wants to speak about International Committee. It was suggested that perhaps Youth Committee could offer an update.

Treasurer’s Report
Alexa reported on Mac’s behalf. The Board is reminded to make sure all expenses are presented and approved by the Board as “we have a budget.” Three recently non-budgets items totaled $1300 – Visioning Committee meeting, Winter Fest, and speaker pens. As in years past, excess operating funds at the end of the year can be transferred to Minnetonka RC Foundation.

President Elect’s Report
Jacob reported that he has met with most of the Board members for next year. RI Convention in Atlanta is in June – sign up soon if interested. He and Alexa will attend PETS in Ames, Iowa in March.

Secretary’s Report
Nancy requested the travel funds for RI Convention 2016 in Atlanta as she will be President Elect 2017-2018. Motion by Jacob and seconded by Guy that travel funds of $1500, be granted to Nancy Davis, current Secretary, to attend the RI Convention. Motion carried unanimously. Mark Magney, Char Murphy, and Jacob will also attend.

Community Service Report
Char reported Loaves and Fishes is scheduled for February 7 and Empty Bowls for March 7. She requested we purchase large Minnetonka Rotary pins/buttons which volunteers would wear at community service events so that we are clearly identified as Rotarians. Neal and Alexa will peruse the Rotary catalog for pins/buttons.

Visioning Chair Report
Bob reported his committee is working on a project with the GED program at Eisenhower. This would tie in with our club’s motto, Building Responsible Youth.

Foundation (RI)
Alexa reported on behalf of Chris Rosenlund. Our club remains in the top 10 of the District for contributions to TRF. Jim Nelson, PDG and current RI Chair for 5950, is scheduled to speak to our club in the near future.

Youth Exchange Report
Mark Magney reported he will meet with Paula Schwartz, of North Star Youth Exchange this week to discuss more options for our program. A training program is pending. Jose, our inbound student attending Minnetonka HS, recently moved to his second family. Club members are encouraged to invite him to family outings.

Club Service / Programming
Mark Forsberg reported he is working on a program about human trafficking. Christine reported that US Senator Amy Klobuchar would like to present such a program but requests a larger audience – perhaps the entire District. Christine will confer with District Governor Elect Bob Halagan, and DG, Mark Hegestrom.

Public Relations
Neal reported addition of Rotaract page on our website. He will apply for a PR grant which possibly could be used to purchase the pins/buttons requested by Community Service. He will pursue getting a large tent to use for Rotary activities.

Social Committee
Sara reported the February social will be held at Excelsior Brewery. Details TBD

International Committee
Dan reported we recently received a grant proposal for a project in Nicaragua – Future Roots Project. The focus is education of youth and children plus teacher training. The committee will discuss and make recommendation.

Fundraising Committee
Chris Carr announced his co-chair is Ryan Johnson. The first committee meeting will be in March. Last year’s final profit: $31,500.

Adjournment at 8:29 AM.
Next meeting: February 16, 2017. 7:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Davis, Secretary