July 21, 2017

Attendance: Jacob, Mark Magney, Nancy, Bob H, Bill, Christine, Neal, Sara, Guy Stacey and Therese
Call to order at 738am

Approval of the June 22nd minutes was called
Nancy asked for corrections to the minutes: To spell out Senator Amy Klobuchar and to change Nicaragua to the Honduras Water project. Motion was called second and passed, by Mark & Christine.

Pres: Jacob reports~
Members are at 56 with 2 potential new members on the radar. Goal is to net 2 this year. And we have one on LOA, Rick E.
The Bylaws discussion is to take place at our 7/26 club assembly meeting. By now all members have received the bylaws in a multiple of ways including on Club runner. We will be looking to vote on the bylaws and Pres Jacob encouraged all to reach out to the committee members, Ron U, Katie W, Dan Narr , Mac and Chris R and cc Jacob if you have questions before the vote.
Bob Halagan our District Governor has a goal of getting more women and to engage younger members to our district this year. Our club is ahead of the curve we have 66/34 and the district is around 70/30. Our clubs should reflect our communities. And we have lots of women in our communities.
Pres. Jacob spoke briefly about the upcoming Club assembly and his plan to have the chairs speak or highlight their plans. Introduce the new board and have Neal speak on the upcoming changes to our website. Neal stated he was not ready to do so yet but soon he will prepare a new org. chart. We are all encouraged to get new members involved and engaged in ways that work for them.

Pres Elect: Nancy reports~
We do not have a PETS date set yet but it will be in Rochester. Nancy also took this time to talk about the water project in Honduras. This had been a multi club grant our club had already voted to commit to $1000 and she will be encouraging the Int’l committee to request anther $1000. A lot of news will be around this project in our district and the trip is set for Sept. 1st so more to come.

Secretary: Stacey nothing to report
Secretary elect: Dan not in attendance
Treasurer: Mac not in attendance

Treasurers Report: Pres Jacob spoke on Macs behalf to discuss the 2017-2018 budget. We are looking for a vote today to pass this budget. Two items of importance to draw our attention to are the increase in dues to the district. Nancy stated this increase is all due to RI increase. All are in agreement on that point.
We also had to increase our budget for our weekly meeting meals. We have been notified that costs are going up 28% next month. And increase of $100. We will need to have a future discussion about the possibility of raising our prices. That will be a topic on our agenda for August.
Christine brought up the point that we have had less food recently. Jacob said the issue has been resolved we had a substitute cook and we should have plenty going forward for the club members.
Nancy suggested we not offer hot breakfast. This has brought resistance in the past.
Bob suggested we raise the price $2 to offset the price increase.
We had this discussion 2 years ago in theory and not it is a real issue we will need to resolve. But this meeting is not the meeting to do such.
Christine also brought up the point that this new meeting place for the BOD is too far and we need to reassess a different venue.
Stacey made a motion to pass budget, Mark M second and all in favor.

Foundation RI : Chris R not in attendance

Fundraising Chair: Chris Carr not in attendance
Jacob stated the Links & Libations is going well per CC and raffle tickets will be available soon. Scott Nagel is in charge of sponsorship and will head up that effort.

Foundation (club): Lenny/Alexa not in attendance
A vote will taken at the next meeting to put the new committee in place, it has been a practice of the club that the past president becomes the chair and Alexa is preparing for a Sept meeting. Lenny has said that new requests are already coming in.

New Generations: Katie not in attendance/ Mark Magney reports~
Jose went home after his east coast trip. Our new student is from France, Fares it is a boy. And he should be here around 8/20 or so. We have one host family and are looking for 2 more families.

Visioning: Bob H reports~
One of the major goals that came out of our visioning session last year was “Options in Education” whether they are ESL/GED. But there is some confusion about how to proceed. Bob is looking for some direction from the Board.
Guy went on to say that this is what came out of our 5 year plan when we had our visioning session as a club and we had identified it as a goal and the visioning committee should shepherd this effort.
A suggestion from Neal was to formalize the results. And Christine agreed and then submitsto the club the collaboration of results.
Bob feels like the effort has been stalled. This is a major effort requiring Time, Talent and Treasure.
Jacob stated that he recalls Alexa putting the results together and he is going to get that and get it to the board.
Nancy wanted to thank the visioning committee for a great job and now we need to bring it to fruition. We need buy in from the club so they can be engaged in this effort. Katie W is familiar with the process of tutoring adults and kids. We should have her get involved and now that she is the co chair for community service this will be a good project to spearhead.
Guy suggested we have a set of SMART goals for the board and club to understand the effort.
Jacob agreed and believes we need a plan, suggested that Bob and him talk offline on how to proceed and to get the committee together to discuss in September.

Social: Scott J not in attendance/ Sara Edwards reports~
We have social planned at Marks house for 8/17 @ 530-830 Pizza party and fundraiser
Sept is the golf fundraiser and Oct is charter night.

Club Service/ Programming: Therese reports~
She will be getting her 1st email out. She met with Mark F and we had a couple of opening in August that she was able to get filled quickly with the help of Alexa and Jacob. Mark gave her the pipeline and a little history with a running list of names.
Nancy mentioned ideas in club runner as well.
Members are asking for more uplifting and fun speakers. Neal suggested that we need an even balance and not to many non profits. That we should be vetting more and to get more personal growth speakers. He also liked the Sheriff visit.
Jacob was pleased that Therese was able to book Howard Root. And he will be highlighted on Sept 13th for a book “Cardiac Arrest” where he was able to beat the DOJ. Should be exciting!
So right now they are scheduled through Sept. with a focus on thinkers and business people.
Bob H also recalled when Dale Feste spoke in a pinch when we had an opening and to lean on some club members because we have some fascinating members in our club with great stories!
Programmings first meeting is set for 8/4 @ 730 am at Lenny’s office.