June 22, 2017

Minutes for Board meeting 6/22/17
Call to order 7am, Dan, Char, Therese, Neal , Sara ,Katie ,Mac ,Lenny Bill , Jacob ,Cathy ,Stacey and Alexa......Quorum met,

President Alexa
Membership: stated 58 members and 2 on LOA
Updated / amended Bylaws go out to club today for review
Thanked Gilda’s Club for the use of their space 11x for the Board meetings for the last year. A Vote was taken and past to gift $250 for the use of their space.

President Elect Jacob
Get new member involved on committees
Ron L had to resign from Program Committee Mark F to stay on for now.
Theresa K Program Chair
Thanked Mac for working on the budget
Cathy Carlson to take on the ROTARY MINUTE starting July 12th
Ben Signature bank will meet with incoming President Secretary Nancy
Not at meeting, Alexa stated in her place that the Amy Klobuchar event was final at 102 attendees and we broke even. All final it was a good event but perhaps a different venue in the future

Secretary Elect Stacey
Attendance good at 80 % average

Treasurer Mac H
Completed Jacobs budget, in 30 day review at 1st BOD in July
No meal increase, suggested separate budget line for Club runner and website
Winter fest needs money for next year, budget of $750 was added
Suggestions to send 10,000 over to our Foundation .... and later in the meeting Mac suggested we transfer $12,000 to Foundation, email will be sent to BOD members to vote on over the next 2 days.... because of lack of Quorum present.

Website / Neal
Neal requesting $704.13 for years 2020 for social media, separate from club runner 551.40 and website $1500
Public Relations 2017/2018 requesting 600 annually potential discounts for website one time fee and no annual fees
Club runner has direct sync with District and RI, cost is based on cub size.
Suggested we keep both website/ GoDaddy and club runner up to year 2020 and then renewal is 350
RI has an annual increase and it trickles down to clubs, Club Runner is essential it goes all over the world
Board member, Katie had to leave no quorum at this point

Fundraising 1 Mark M….Summer fest is upon us and we are ready
Foundation RI Chris R not present …..Will be at the July BOD

Fundraising 2 Chair Chris C…..Links and Libations set for Sept 14
Cathy C is already working on silent auction items and Alexa has 10 items already.

Foundation Club Lenny
Pass out flyer with our charitable giving /support for 2017 total 18700 + Pass thru
Need to update bylaws for Foundation in the coming year

New Generation Katie W and Mark M
The old Youth Exchange is now New Generations. We send 2 kids to Camp Enterprise in Oct they are Jr/soph.

Visioning Chair Bob H
No visioning meeting for the club next year, the signature project will be Adult Basic Ed.

Social Sara
Calendar being set, Scott J has rotating schedule for July and August
Char suggested her new digs at the Moline for future BOD meetings and social events i.e. St Patty day
Mark M suggested a pizza party
Our end of the year event and passing of the gavel is set for Maynards @ 5pm

Club Service /Programming Mark F not present

International Dan N
Nancy D part of the committee will be suggesting our club get involved with the Honduras water project. Frank, Nancy and Dan will also be informing us on Future Roots education. More to come.

Membership Bill
58 members, none in the pipeline. Mark and Bill will be presenting at the Crystal club on membership

Public Relations Neal
Presented a new site/support and a new page with International and student exchange components to get more Host parents. Update that Ernesto a 2013 recipient of our scholarship will be back to speak in the coming year

Community Service Char
Katie W will be coming on with Chris to coordinate ICA, Char will be moving to the Foundation board
President Alexa has final comments of Thank you
Jacob will announce location date and time TBD