March 23, 2017

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 7:00 AM by President Alexa Rundquist

Roll Call: Alexa Rundquist, President; Jacob Millner, President-Elect, Nancy Davis, Secretary; Stacey Quinn, Secretary-Elect; Mac Hardin, Treasurer. Guy Marzano, Neal Enzenauer, Char Murphy, Ron Usem, Dan Narr, Bill Sorteberg, Katie Williams, Chris Carr, Bob Hersman, Lenny Newman, Cathy Carlson, Scott Johnson, Glen Juntii, Ron Levitus.

President’s Report:
1. Member update. We have 58 members in the club with several potential new members in the pipeline. Several members remain on LOA.
2. West Metro Rotaract. Alexa pulled up the tabled motion from last month re: our support of West Metro Rotaract. Three Minnetonka Club members have volunteered to be the club “champions” for this project: Darlyne Erickson, Ron Levitus, and Guy Marzano. The pros and cons of our support were reviewed and Alexa clarified that a financial support of Rotaract is not mandated. She suggested this be taken up by the new president in June and the budget be amended as directed by the club. The motion as recorded in the February 2017 Board meeting reads: “ (Minnetonka RC agrees) to sponsor West Metro Rotaract at the cost of $200 with the provision that we identify 2 Minnetonka RC members who are willing to be the club “champions” and take ownership of the sponsorship.” The motion was put to a voice vote. The motion carried with 2 abstentions. Jacob will appoint a chair for this new committee and Alexa will notify Mary Kurth , District Chair for Rotaract Clubs, of our decision.
3. Bylaws. It was noted that our bylaws have not been updated for some time and do not accurately reflect how the club functions. After a brief discussion, Alexa recommended we form a committee to review the bylaws and report back to the Board. Seven members present volunteered to be on the committee: Dan Narr, Katie Williams, Mac Hardin, Nancy Davis, Ron Usem, Stacey Quin, and Chris Rosenlund. Dan agreed to serve as Chairman. Other Board members were asked to submit any suggestions/ recommendations for changes in the bylaws to Dan.
4. Absences. Alexa will be out of town April 26, May 3, and May 17 and Jacob will preside over these Wednesday meetings.
5. Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s presentation. Guy reported this special Area 5 event is scheduled for April 20 at the Double Tree Hotel in St. Louis Park. Her topic will be human trafficking. Alexa is working on the logistics of on-line registration and payment ($26 per person – covers lunch and venue expense). Due to some quirks of the District web site, payment cannot be done on-line but will be collected at the door. Clubs in Area 5 are re-scheduling their weekly meeting so that members can attend and Guy notes the invitation will be extended to clubs beyond Area 5. We anticipate approximately 200 attendees but can accommodate more. The contract with Double Tree has been reviewed carefully by Mac. A detailed discussion re: the financial implications of entering into such a contact followed. MOTION by Chris Rosenlund that Minnetonka RC enter a binding contract with Double Tree Hotel in St Louis Park for the April 20, 2017 presentation by Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Contract to be signed by our club President and Treasurer. Seconded by Stacey. The motion carried by voice vote with two abstentions.

Treasurer’s Report:
Mac reported the checkbook balance is $xx,xxx. Seven members have not paid meal costs for the second half of the year. There are two outstanding invoices. The polio jug has collected $2256 as of February 28 and it appears we will meet our goal of $2650 for the year (Polio Plus year goes from May 1 to April 30). Our plan to generate additional contributions for Polio Plus via March Madness was denied by the District due to the difference between “gambling” and “raffle.” Members may make individual donations to Polio Plus at any time. The quarterly budget report will be presented at the next Board meeting.

President-Elect’s Report:
Jacob reported he recently attended PETS and gained more information re: Rotary club functions. We are doing “very well” on many parameters in comparison to other clubs. He met the incoming RI President, Ian Riseley, from Australia. Jacob has selected chairmen for all the committees for the 2017-2018 Rotary year and asked Cathy to resume her role as our Rotarian Historian to provide a weekly Rotary Minute. He reminded us of the upcoming District Assembly on April 8 at Crown College in St. Bonifacius.

Secretary’s Report:
Nancy asked for a motion to elect herself as club delegate to the RI Convention in June with Jacob as alternate. A brief discussion followed. MOTION by Stacey to elect Nancy as club delegate to RI Convention with Jacob as alternate. Seconded by Katie. Passed by voice vote.

Secretary-Elect Report:
Stacey reported attendance is running at 85%.

Public Relations Report:
1. Neal has designed a generic Minnetonka Rotary ID badge as requested by the board. These will be worn by volunteers at various projects to help promote the club. 65 badges to be printed, 80 lanyards, and 4 storage boxes. A brief discussion followed. MOTION by Nancy to approve purchase of club badges as designed by Neal and cost not to exceed $430. Seconded by Lenny. Motion passed by voice vote with 5 abstentions.
2. Neal proposed applying for a District grant to help fund the cost of the badges. A brief discussion followed. MOTION by Stacey to allow Neal to proceed with grant application. Seconded by Chris Carr. Motion passed unanimously by voice vote.
3. Neal reviewed some of the problems and successes with GoDaddy which the club uses for our web site. He noted we also pay to support Club Runner. Alexa noted we use about 1/3 of the functions that are available to us via Club Runner. A brief discussion for clarification followed. MOTION by Stacey to pay GoDaddy $315 to support the web site for the next three years. Seconded by Chris Carr. Motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Membership Committee:
Bill reported we have 58 members as Therese Kuvass has been approved as our newest member. There will be a Membership Committee mtg April 4 at 5:00 PM at the Golden Nugget. Timing and place of Open House will be discussed. To help assimilate our five newest members, two Fireside Chats have been scheduled: April 11 at 7:00 PM at the home of Mark Magney and April 13 at 7:00 PM – location TBD. The Highway 7 Clean Up is scheduled for Aril 29 at 8:00 AM – meet at Famous Dave’s.

Foundation Committee:
Lenny reported we have $xxxx in the Foundation. The Foundation will meet April 19 and June 7. The Foundation bylaws will be reviewed next year.

International Committee:
Dan reported we have $xxxx in the international account portion of our Foundation. There are numerous projects in the pipeline and the committee plans to make decisions at the next meeting on March 29 at 8:30 AM.

Foundation (RI):
Chris Rosenlund reported that all annual contributions are due to RI in April. Ten club members have not submitted their contribution forms to him. Numerous club members are using Rotary Direct which reports directly to RI. Our club information on the RI website is not up to date but does reflect 98% completion of our goal. The Polio Plus drive goes through April 30 and those funds are added to our club’s annual giving. We have 17 members in the Paul Harris Society and 11 Paul Harris Fellows.

Youth Exchange:
Katie reported that Jose will give his presentation to the club in May.
Club Service/Programming: No report

Social Committee:
Cathy reported that three upcoming events are in the planning stages: Open House, Progressive Dinner and End of Year/Farewell. All dates TBD.

Fundraising Committee:
Chris Carr reported that Ryan Johnson has agreed to serve as co-chair. Their first mtg will be in early May. Mark Marlin’s SummerFest fundraising committee is meeting today at 4:30 PM.

Community Service Committee:
Char reported Highway 7 Clean Up is scheduled for April 29. The Helping Paws event is scheduled for May 20 and 10-12 volunteers will be needed. Dane has offered to help with this project. Bob submitted a possible community service event re: VIN numbers etched on windshields.

Visioning Committee:
Bob suggested getting the club involved in support of the GED classes offered at Eisenhower Community Center. They serve 1200/1500 adults in the program. Nate Rundquist would like to be involved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:37 AM by President Alexa Rundquist.
Next Meeting isApril 20, 7:00 AM

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Davis, Secretary