May 18, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 AM by President Alexa Rundquist

Roll Call: Alexa Rundquist, President; Jacob Millner, President-Elect; Nancy Davis, Secretary; Mac Hardin, Treasurer. Char Murphy, Neal Enzenauer, Chris Carr, Dan Narr, Lenny Newman, Bob Hersman, Mark Magney, Sara Edwards.

President’s Report:
1. Two members currently on LOA. Total of 58 members
2. Alexa requested submissions for Rotarian of the Year as soon as possible. Once decision is made, a commemorative plaque will be ordered as in years past
3. Twin Cities Young Professionals. Meeting is slated for 5/19. Eight club members planning to attend. Organization targets young professionals under the age of 40. We are a contributing sponsor for this gathering.
4. The Club Assembly scheduled for 5/31 will be the presentation of our two fundraisers
5. Passing of the Gavel is scheduled for 6/28

Treasurer’s Report:
Mac noted there is $xx,xxx in the checkbook. Start up funds for SummerFest have been moved from operating to fundraising as requested last month. Fourth quarter meal payments received in total. Jacob and Mac are working on draft for next year’s budget. This will be presented at the June Board meeting. Dan requested line item for the International Committee for travel and will submit this in writing to Mac and Jacob. Alex suggested that any such stipend be tied to a trip with active “hands on” work rather than a trip that is geared towards project review. Mac suggested that the Board consider transferring excess funds from checking to Minnetonka Foundation at the end of the year and keep a minimum amount in checking. Mac will coordinate on line registration payment for our 2 fundraisers this year.

President-Elect’s Report:
Jacob will be attending the RI Convention in Atlanta along with several other club members. He is working with Mac to draft a budget for next year. If any board member feels an increase or decrease in any line item should be considered, please email such requests to him.

Secretary’s Report:
Nancy reports overall attendance is 85%. It was down to 52% on 5/10 due to the breakfast meeting at Gilda’s Club which was at the same time. She recommends Stacey, current Secretary-Elect, meet with incoming Secretary-Elect, Dan Narr, to learn the club role.

Fundraising Chair’s Report :
--> Chris Carr reported the golf fundraiser committee met last week. His co-chair is Ryan Johnson. They are working on streamlining the registration process. He will coordinate with Bob and Mac. Alexa will help coordinate registration payment online. This will allow better tracking. Six items have been secured for the raffle. Jerald Stiele will coordinate printing of raffle tickets. A monetary goal for the fundraiser has not been set.
--> Alexa reported on behalf of Mark Marlin, SummerFest fundraiser. Date still set for 6/24. Ten club members have signed up for the online training required to serve alcohol. Katie has emailed all members a signup sheet for the event – 48 volunteer slots need to be filled. We have rented a photo booth for 6 hrs during the event. It comes with a set of “props” and a person from the company to help coordinate the photos. Prices are set.

Public Relations Chair’s Report :
Neal has created 2 new web pages featuring the Rotary Youth Exchange and interviews with Katie who has been a host parent. Lenny and Neal presented the scholarship to the Minnetonka High School student and Patti and Neal will present the scholarship to the Hopkins High School student in the near future.

Community Service Chair’s Report:
Char reminded members of the Wag Walk and Event on Saturday. Volunteers will wear Rotary ID badges (!) and Helping Paws T-shirts. No rain date for this event. She noted the Minnetonka SummerFest and the Tri Tonka Youth Triathalon are both scheduled for 6/24. This may impact attendance or volunteer time of some club members.

Social Service Chair’s Report:
Sara reported the progressive dinner is scheduled for 6/8 @ 5pm and Passing of the Gavel for 6/28 @ 5pm.

Membership Chair’s Report:
Mark reported we have 58 members and 2 on LOA. Several attendees from the Open House have come to Wednesday meetings. Our goal for 2016-2017 remains at 59 members. The Open House costs the club $400. There was a brief discussion as to whether we should continue to have Open House. No recommendation or motion was made.

Youth Exchange Chair’s Report:
Mark reported that Jose is doing OK. We have an inbound student from France for next year. He will arrive in August. Mark and Katie are working on securing host families. Any club member is invited to host our student. Bob shared an email from a former exchange student – Ernesto. There was a brief discussion re: involving more club members in the inbound student’s experience by volunteering to spend time with him/her and involving him/her in social outings.

Visioning Chair’s Report:
Bob reported we will start our volunteer work with the GED program next year. This aligns with the club’s vision.

Minnetonka Rotary Club Foundation Chair’s Report:
Lenny reported that all grant dollars have been given out for this fiscal year. There is communication with those whose request was not granted. When appropriate, they will be advised to apply again next year. Lenny will work with Alexa on such communication. The two high school scholarships have been awarded. There is a final committee mtg 6/7 at the Kona Grill. Lenny again expressed his appreciation of non-committee members who attended meetings this year. He also notes that all grant applications are posted on Club Runner for club members to review. Patti Acomb is compiling a list of how the grant dollars were awarded this year and how we impact our community. Next year the committee will have $xx,xxx to distribute. Several Board members felt we should continue to have grant recipients come to the Wednesday meeting for presentation of grant.

International Committee Chair’s Report:
Dan thanked the committee for all their work this past year. Nancy briefed the Board on an upcoming WASH project in Honduras that is being undertaken with the support of World Vision. It’s scope is similar to the previous WASH project in Honduras and will require financial support from multiple clubs. The organizing committee, including PDG Jim Nelson and PDG Tim Murphy, met this week. Minnetonka Rotary Foundation has already pledged $1000 towards the project.

Rotary International Foundation Chair’s Report:
Alexa reported on behalf of Chris Rosenlund that we have submitted $xx,xxx to the Foundation which exceeds our 2016-2017 goal. Our contribution to Polio Plus has also been submitted and each club member is credited with a $53.11 donation.

Bylaws Committee Chair’s Report:
Dan reported the final revision is available for review and copies were circulated to those present. Additional comments can be sent to him or Alexa. The revised version will be provided all club members in the near future and then a vote will be taken at a regular club meeting. Approval of revised bylaws requires a 2/3 vote of those present. Dan thanked all committee members and noted Katie made it relatively painless!

Meeting adjourned at 8:07 am.
Next meeting: June 15, 2017. 7:00 AM

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Davis, Secretary