Meeting of April 26, 2017

Jim Nelson and Tim Murphy stood on either side of our Minnetonka Rotary Foundation Chair, Chris.

Jacob called the meeting to order at 7:34am

Invocation was by Frank who had just walked in the door and told us how thankful he was for all of the things that Rotary does followed by a big Amen …. Good recovery Frank.

Raffle - Ann Wengronowitz’s number was drawn, but she couldn’t find the Joker. Better luck next time with the $89.00 carry over!

Happy Bucks collected by Guy.
1. Guy - Guests, Amy K at the Doubletree
2 .Alan - rode with Guy
3. Sam - Theo @ the farm, Steeple Chase, re elected to chair the TruStone Board
4 .Nate - was happy Tax Season was over
5. Terry - was happy for the Spring Growth happening around us
6. Char - the new Event Badges
7. Ann - fox on deck and other animal stories
8. Lenny - Switching warm fuzzies to Olivia and Eric his grand kids
9. Regina - all about hugs from her greeting today
10. Dane - lunch with Ben
10a. Ben - lunch with Dane almost as an afterthought ( wasn't quite as happy as Dane )
11.Roger - Charitable Giving MN #2, MSP/STP #1
12. Pete - quick somebody call pete to find out why he's happy.
13. Jerald- thanked Jennifer for accident work
14. Jennifer - thanked Jerald for the fix...
15. Devon - New Lawrence Welk album ( now 5 ) & one to Karen
16. Karen - thanks for remembering her
17. Mary - Her hosta coming up and Her daughter is returning from Italy?
18. Katie - Husband off to Idaho for 2 wks of rafting with her daughter
19. Chris R - Guests, Son made the USA MN top 100 Hockey Players recognition,
and Development Program also
20. Mark - Guests tim and jim
21. Mac - 7/1994 at Hardee's in Worthington, on his first cell phone call from wife, and
fast forward to 4/2017 cell phone call from his son in Nepal on a mission trip with 12 guys
.... aren't cell phones amazing
22. Bob - son coming home to play golf, Paul Harris dinner meeting ?
23. Ron Axel - wants to be home - 6" snow in Leadville
24. Neal - got battered by dock, putting his boat in but he prevailed
25. Sam - got new contract with HEC
26. Tim - humbled to be back with us.
27. Little boy - mom is joining our Rotary club
28. Jacob -Area 5 meeting
there were a couple more but I could not hear or see happy bucking today.

Minnetonka Rotary Volunteer Badges arrived and Char showed they could be clipped on or used with a lanyard whenever club members are out doing what Rotarians do – Service Above Self.

Guest Speakers – Past District Governors, Tim Murphy and Jim Nelson

They shared their enthusiasm about the successes of The Rotary Foundation. Jerald Stiele was acknowledged for his Annual Velvet Hammer campaign, which again from 45 members we have closed out our Rotary year early with all those commitments in. Our club per capita giving rounds up to $500.00 per member, which is a 35% increase for our club. So far this year we are at $27,649.00. Our District set a goal of $1.00, or $365.00 per member, far exceeded by the Minnetonka Rotary Club.

The foundation’s 100 Year Celebration reflects District 5950 generously embracing the anniversary motto - Doing Good In The World”, coined by Rotarian Arch Klumph. Out of 28 Districts in the world, 5950 leads in funds given to The Rotary Foundation. This is the second time in 15 years our District is in the Top 10 in the World.

The Paul Harris Society is composed of Rotarians who commit $1,000.00 annually. Our District is at 268 out of a goal of 300. This is a significant increase – 2013-2014 the long term commitments were 108.

Polio Plus also met its creative theme goal for the 100 Anniversary commemoration of $2650.00, played off of the first donation of $26.50.

And the meeting adjourned at 8:31am