Meeting of August 16, 2017

At todays meeting Andy Ruth was inducted into our club.
Pictured here is Nancy, Mark, Andy, and Guy.
Cozy Wittman, who was animated as she told us of the Myths of College Financing.

Meeting called to order by Pres-Elect Nancy Davis at 7:33. Let’s get this party started!

The invocation was by Jennifer St. Clair:
When one gets so self absorbed with earing a living, one tends to forget the virtue of giving freely of one’s self to benefit others in need. The return one receives from such selfless deeds are far greater than could ever be attained with money. I volunteer my services and time absolutely free in whatever manner I can, in whatever capacity. Many of they I help go on to help others eventually. In my humble opinion, such a way of living could replace money easily, and oh what a wondrous world this would be. One cannot pursue greed monetarily in a society that openly volunteers freely. …. Amen.

Rotary Minute by Cathy Carlson; Humor and jokes can be good medicine, but also can be distracting, upsetting, even insensitive to one, or all. Make your humor positive, and understood by the group, so as to solidify and elevate the laughter for all.

Installation of our newest, and 59th Club member, Dr. Andy Ruth. Guy and Mark Magney presiding. Dr. Andy was a 25-year Rotarian in Fairmont, welcome to Minnetonka Rotary, Andy.

Our speaker today, Cozy Whitman, with College Inside Track
Vanessa and Lillian Stiele, with Dad Jerald
Ron Erhardt, from Edina Rotary

Nancy had several
--> The Board met on 8/11, it approved a $1.00 increase in meals, the first increase in 10 years
--> The Maple Grove Rotary is involved in a Uganda project; see her for details
--> Our member, Patty Acomb, is going through treatment for cancer; all our thoughts and prayers are with you, and your family, Patty.
--> The Rotary 1 Summit is on Friday 9/15 at the Earl Brown Center in Brooklyn Park; 8:00 AM
--> There will be a Club bylaws vote on Wed, 10/4.

More Announcements:
--> Jerald; The Annual Oak Ridge Rotary/Lions Club golf event is on Thursday, 9/21 at 9:00 AM 60 Raffle tickets sold, or $$ is in hand. Keep selling, our goal is to sell all 1000!
--> Donna; The theme baskets have captains assigned, make sure Donna has your email info
--> Chris Carr; We are under 30 days to our Fundraiser; we still need EVERYTHING. Keep asking for Sponsors, silent auction items, raffle sales, and golfers. Invite friends even if not golfing Remember, it’s our One and Only Fundraiser!
--> Christine; Resource West school supply drive; help needed on 8/24 at 5:30 at Resource West
--> Mark Magney; Social event, “Pizza Night” at his home. Tomorrow, 8/17, 5:30

A brand new pot today, $56. Dane wins the draw, but too many cards. No chicken dinner. Play On

Happy Bucks with Lots and lots of happiness today
--> Chris Carr; for his office grand opening, for attending the Mtka City Council Mtg, with Chris Rosenlund was Happy that Terry and Patty were there for the City
--> Chris Rosenlund; same happiness, same meeting; Did we get a picture of Chris at the meeting? Also for his son making the hockey team (Didn’t catch the level; age 15?)
--> Mary; $5 for a great 80th birthday for Ron. He had a personal story for every guest.
--> Ron Usem; he THINKS he had a good time; memory seems secure if he can tell 60 stories. Congrats, Ron
--> Andy; good to be back in Rotary
--> Guy; he sold 19 raffle tickets at another club, lumber was delivered to continue Chris’s Highway 1
(missed the first happy$)
--> Alan; there are problems with our country; we hope clubs like Rotary can help bring people together
--> Neal; As they said in The Godfather, Neal’s phone is now ‘sleeping with the fish’. New phone coming
--> Donna; she met a speaker at a District meeting, Donna will be hiking the Inca Trail
--> Jennifer; for lunch with Guy, and the Hopkins Education Foundation (?) will have it’s Rock and Roll night on Saturday night. Happy for Hopkins Auto Body as a sponsor. See her for more details
--> Karen; her father fell, but is OK. Her sister is in town.
--> Bonnie; now empty nesters, she and husband packed up truck to move. Looked around, bad market.
Decided to Back up the Truck, and unpack. They’re staying put!
--> Roger; 2 sisters in town
--> Bob; back from NJ and PA golf with son, Bob won the big match, with a little help from his partner, a former LPGA pro, who also had a Hole-in-One
--> Mark Marlin; sorry, all I caught was the word ‘Delaware’ Who wouldn’t be happy about Delaware?
--> Jerald; with his two daughters present, he is happy for dance and gymnastics, and Netflix binging
--> Regina; she is in a silent prayerful place for some club members
--> Devon; for a grandma’s birthday, and a client who is cancer free.
--> Scott Johnson for a trip to SD, and a long, straight shot back on his ‘hog’, or ‘chopper’, or ‘Vespa?’
--> Alexa; good time in ND, a wedding, friends, and a 40th BD party (didn’t catch who’s?)
--> Frank; a HS reunion, and news that an older schoolmate, Rick Flair, the wrestler, has better health now.
--> Lenny; Evan, and his friend Bailey, are moving on to start another school year, She in grad school.
Also for trusted help from Pete and Jerald with car stuff.
--> Nancy; for breakfast with Guy, her son in a leadership position, and her daughter for a surgery. She also sold 15 tickets. In case you’re scoring at home, that’s 23 Happy Rotarians today, and a pile of Happy Bucks!

Speaker today is Cozy Whitman, on Navigating the Financing of a College Education
--> Nancy has 5 kids of her own, and that 5th heads to college soon.
--> She knows of what she speaks!
--> She helps families with this college search,
--> She helps them save an average of $75K per family.

College financing is like a game without rules;
--> Few people pay the full rate, but inside info helps.
--> College is different than 30 years ago; you cannot pay as you go.
--> The average family debt is $48K per child.
--> There are 3 key factors for success; Academic, Cultural, and Financial
--> In the last 30 years, public school tuitions are up 570% , private tuitions up 360%
--> This year, our local state universities will surpass $100K for a degree.
--> College is a big investment, but we know so little about financing it.

There are 2 types of aid;
--> Need Based, on family income and
--> Merit Based, on the student perfomance.

Merit based aid is very available; you just have to know where to look.
--> Public schools don’t give much Merit aid,
--> Private schools have large foundations that will.

Merit aid is based on many factors;
--> Rigorous courses, test scores, essays
--> It’s important to demonstrate your interest to the school.
--> Make sure you talk about your achievements and strengths.

Cozy passed along several tips on staging money including
--> Savings plans, moving money out of the student’s name,
--> The timing of when to send money, and continue to use 529 plans.
--> Consider crossing the border for schools, and make yourself more unique.

Cozy’s service will help you find the right school, and save you significant dollars on finances.

Thank you, Cozy, for a timely talk as colleges are starting up right about now.