Meeting of August 2, 2017

Our Speaker today was Jacob Stonesifer / Community Relations Executive
.....he told us of The Boy Scouts of America / Northstar District.

President Jacob started the meeting at … 7:34am

Invocation by Ron Usem
Ron told us of Rabbi Telushkin and his book on our diversity … he went on to tell us the following …. If I am not for myself, who will be for me ? If I am not for others, what am I ? And if not now, when ? …. Amen.

Rotary Minute by Cathy Carlson
--> Protocol Guidelines for Rotary
--> Invocation & Prayers … as diversity has ensued it has been suggested that each club bring together 5 values and beliefs, autonomy, discretion, value …. tolerance, with this guiding light, respect

--> Lenny : Andy Marks
--> Guy … Greg Holtz ….. Cambodia club
--> Floraine Nibukure from university club may become a member
--> Andy Ruth showed up again and is on a path to become a new member

--> Jerald Raffle tickets ….. sell your book and come back for more
--> Alexa: sign up sheet to be sent out soon
--> Chris: sell 17.5 tickets / sponsors / Auction Items
--> Cathy : silent auction items and forms to her
--> Donna: Theme baskets will be coming out shortly
--> Bob: Get golfers signed up and to him
--> Therese: Programming meeting at Lennys office on Friday 730am
--> Katie: Tuesday night October 8 Bylaws meeting at Eisenhower
--> Nancy: Bill Gates is matching Rotary donations for polio up to $35M
--> Dan Narr: International Committee
--> Jacob: Edina Club Thursday August 17th for Fed President $20 Neel Kashkari
--> Jacob: Summit One September 15th at the Earle Brown Bowl
--> Jacob: one month done in Rotary Year

Raffle Chris R went for the pot of $92 but came up short…. The money carries to next week

Happy Bucks…$108 for Building Responsible Youth
--> Sue: vacation in Colo next week
--> Sam: went to Long Island Weekend for family get together
--> Guy: That Greg came to our meeting
--> Terry: Neighborhood night out …. 20 to 30 people at several night out events he attended
--> Char: Car tuned up / pacemaker tuned up for 7 years …. Birthday tomorrow
--> Alexa: Nolan gets cast off / vacation next week / Tom Gump last week enjoyed our club and may be a new member
--> Bill Y: Clarification … Tom Gump was sitting next to him
--> Floraine Nibukure: RI President Elect passed away
--> Darlyne: Idaho for business
--> Cathy: Married too long ……. Liver and Onions for dinner ….
--> Ann: vacation next week
--> Chris C: WeFest …. .this weekend
--> Pete: son going into test pilot program
--> Regina: happy to be here
--> Dane: going to Austin ... brother having Bachelor Party, finished Cutco sales push and Evan came in at #4
--> Neal: 35 years of marriage … with at least 3 more
--> Lenny: Twin Lakes Wi / and saw his grests Andys locker
--> Greg from Cambodia …. thankful he ran into Guy … we are way more fun that the Bloomington club
--> Katie: daughter is transferring to a college closer to home.
--> Roger: is happy … but I missed why
--> Jacob: Golf meeting / Brother had a baby two days ago
--> Leigh: no cash but had a Happy small check / happy about being at our fun club

Todays Speaker: Jacob Stonesifer … accompanied by Leigh Wilson Mattson of the Boy Scouts of America / North Star Council
--> Community Relations Director
--> Members who were Boy Scouts in our Club …. Approx 25
--> Eagle Scouts in our club ….. Mark Marlin, Chris R, Neal E, Ben M
--> 2% of all scouts reach the rank of Eagle Scout..... in our club 4 Eagles out of approximately 25 total scouts is 16% ... not really surprising for the people who join Rotary
--> Baden Powell started Boy Scouts in 1907
--> William Boyce in the fog in London was assisted by a boy scout and formed USA version in 1910
--> Ernest Seton / Daniel Beard …. merged to the BSA
--> Scout Oath and Scout Law are their foundation

Boy Scout Oath or Promise:
On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Laws; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

The Scout Law is:
A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

Modern Day Scouting
--> Cub Scouts ages K-5 …. “Do Your Best”
--> Boy Scouts ages 10-18 …. past 5th grade …. “Be Prepared”

.... with these Program Extensions
--> Varsity ages 14 - 21 … sports centered
--> Explorer …. ages 18-21 Coed / Career Explorations
--> Venturing ages 14-21 …. Coed … High Adventure …. “Lead the Adventure”

Eagle Scout award is only one award allowed on Military Academy Applications …. respected by business … once an Eagle Scout always an Eagle Scout

North Star Council … is one of the largest in the Nation … 35,000 youth …25 counties…15,000 leaders / 100 full time employees

Highlighted Programs:
--> Building a new Outreach camp at Fort Snelling site
--> Outreach to underserved youth not just scouts
--> Juvenile Diversion program for kids that make mistakes
--> At Risk Youth program
--> Outreach to all ages for leadership development

Jacob closed the meeting at 8:33am