Meeting of August 23, 2017

Judy Peterson – CEO of Peterson Travel Pros, LLC out of Minnetonka was our speaker today.
The dedicated crew who helped out at the Resources West Pack Stuffing Event…. They filled 226 packages with school supplies. ... Steven, Bonnie, Mark, Ann Regina, and Nancy.

Call to Order: Nancy Davis

Invocation: Donna
Teaching …. You laugh, you cry, and your work harder than you ever thought you could. Some days you’re trying to change the world and some days you’re just trying to make it through the day. Your wallet is empty, your heart is full, and your mind is packed with memories of kids who have changed your life …. and it’s just another day in the classroom. ……

A Prayer for Teachers …… Lord, bless the teachers who give their heart to teaching. Thank you for the special gift that you give them and for giving them a spirit of grace and compassion. May they have strength and endurance to perform their many tasks, and may
they know and feel the deep gratitude of those whom they teach. …. Amen

Rotary Minute: Cathy Carlson – being aware and conscious about the sensitivity people may have to attention and humor.

Ann W – past president Connie Bergsven
Roger – His sister Lyla
Bill – Cathy Carlson’s son in law, and past president Jon Melander
Scott N – his friend named Tony

--> Bonnie – Sign the cards for Patty A.
--> Chris – Golf Fundraiser – sponsors are coming in, books for raffle tickets are moving but not fast enough. Sales of 17.5 raffle tickets per person are needed. “Just Do It” .... & Neal sold 8 tickets at the lake over the weekend to cabin people.
--> Nancy - Keep the Polio Jug Moving
--> Scott J – Charter night coming up in October, looking for committee members. So far, it’s just Nate and Scott. Let Scott know if you’re interested in the charter committee.
--> Nancy – Sept 17 is a Mpls City of Lakes bike ride –
--> Nancy – check your email for bylaws.
--> Nancy – Recourse West packing is coming up.
--> Cathy – Get her silent auction items by 8/30 and try to get business logos to her as well if they’re from a company.
--> New Member – Dr. Andy Ruth gets his badge
--> Dan Narr finally got a name tag …. Really just a job change.
--> Pete G – foundation meeting tonight at 6pm at Dunn Brothers on Hwy 7 (by General Store). All are welcome.

Donna’s ticket was pulled. No winner – $55 pot carries.

Happy Bucks by Regina:
--> Guy $5 – nice adding with the Bensmans, has attended 4 other Rotary meetings this week (a district meeting and 3 regular meetings to sell raffle tickets – sold 16 raffles to Chanhassen club which had 16 people in the meeting.
--> Alan – gave Regina money just because she asked.
--> Sam – survived another HS reunion.
--> Neal – happy for the social event hosted by the Magneys and Neal completed his siding project.
--> Andy – toured Annapolis with his wife and got to tour great attractions in Washington.
--> Sue – Got to see a longtime friend, enjoyed vacation, had some challenges, but had fun.
--> Frank – Happy to see John Melander – joined the same time as him in 1999.
--> Char – Had a great time at the social last week. Backed her car out as she left, only to see Jerald watching over her with a “close” eye. Granddaughter is a Hopkins sophomore and she made the volleyball team.
--> Alexa – Graduated 8th grade in spring of 1999…so has something in common with Frank. Went to Target and Nolan learned a strong yard work ethic in order to earn what he sees at the store. Nephew started school, happy hers aren’t off to school yet.
--> Mark M – happy Bo and Tish helped him out with new glass.
--> John Melander – Happy to be back. He’s here to sell EP Rotary raffle tickets for their craft beer and wine tasting fundraiser on October 7 ($35 tickets in advance - $40 at the door).
--> Christine – has an IOU because she has a $20. Asked Bill if she has change. The plyers that Bill happens to have was used to attempt to fish out change from the polio jug. Enjoyed watching Guy at Chanhassen club be aggressive in his sales efforts.
--> Chris – Enjoyed camping with 10 adults and 15 kids last week with great weather and no injuries to anyone.
--> Pete – son returned from the Persian Gulf and his wife went down to see him. Great accomplishments by Pete’s son.
--> Scott N – went to Moline, IL to help his mom. Got to be on the phone with his sister while she saw the Eclipse.
--> Jerald – Thanks Magneys for the pizza and beer. Thanks to Dr. Bob for seeing all 3 of his kids’ eyes. Looking forward to getting his knives from Evan Newman.
--> Dane – Thanks to Jerald for buying knives from Evan and Evan mentioned something about Jerald fixing his car. Cutco season is over. Evan had incredible sales summer – He ranked 20th out of 30,000 sales people. Traveling to Nebraska next week.
--> Ann W – Happy to see “nice” people at the Magney social.
--> Connie (guest) – happy to be here unlike John Melander who is here to sell something.
--> Bill – Happy to be at the Magney social.
--> Darlyne – won an all-expense paid trip to Bahamas. Being single, she’s looking for people to go with her. Tony volunteered ???
--> Ron – Thanks to the Magneys. Found the Gimme Sticks for the fundraiser.
--> Roger – happy his sister got to spend a couple weeks here with him.
--> Lenny – Evan leaving for MI soon. But also for getting their house back.
--> Karen – $25 happy bucks. Enough said…she’s happy about her wedding anniversary.
--> Nancy – Donating __ to Polio Plus for each person wearing their Rotary Pin today.

Judy Peterson – CEO of Peterson Travel Pros, LLC out of Minnetonka.
Married to Mark and has 3 children…loves to travel. Loves the outdoors and traveling (go figure).

Why use a travel agent?
Follow with me the word is PLANNER….
--> P – Pay the same. Some do charge an admin fee for their research, but most do not.
--> L – Lookout for you. What’s your budget, and what vacation can be perfect for the budget. Will also fix (or try to fix) any issues you may have with air travel.
--> A – Action Oriented. On average, a person planning air, lodging and excursions, they spend 20 hours researching the info. Agents know where to from the start based on destination and budget. It saves the traveler a ton of time.
--> N – Net Cost Savings. Sometimes a travel agent isn’t the least expensive. They’ll look for deals you can get for what you want to do through upgrades, spiffs, or unique value add experiences others wouldn’t have.
--> N – New Stuff. They know what’s new. They attend travel conferences and get info from hundreds of suppliers across the world. The travel agent industry has a huge network that gets sponsorships from major companies that give them training. It becomes a network of information.
--> E – Educated. Agents must have credentials from classes to be agents. A CLIA certification (Cruise Line International Association) is one that is required for agents to sell some cruises. There are conferences and showcases that keep agents educated and then online webinars keep them fully Educated and allow them to become specialists in certain geographical areas or types of trips.
--> R – Relationships. Agents have connections in areas around the world that allow them to create unique experiences for their clients.

She has testimonies of people who have done the same/similar excursions many times, and continue to use a travel agent due to their specialties and ability to streamline the entire process.

People who like to plan on their own can still use an agent to get the bookings completed and people that have limited ideas of where they want to go/what to do, can just get them started.


Q: Do you recommend buying trip insurance?
A: Absolutely – due to unexpected illness, death, or conflicts that arise.
Q: If we don’t pay more, do you get paid by the destination and vendor?
A: Yes, they discount their profits to pay the travel agent.
Q: Where is the hot-spot for this coming winter?
A: River cruises are becoming very popular. Iceland is very popular, as is Aruba, Cuba (but you need a personal connection/reason to go and must go as a group). The dollar is strong in Europe now, so that is leading a lot of people to go. China, Costa Rica and Peru are also popular.
Q: Do you get train travel inquires?
A: No much, but sometimes in Europe.
Q: Recommendation of a trip to Greece…you’ll enjoy it. Plus, they really need you!
Q: Dominican Republic still as popular as years past?
A1: Yes but people usually fly in and go to their one destination and stay there. The Dominican doesn’t have much for good travel or town life but the resorts are most popular.
A2: Jamaica is much a better for travel on the island, and resorts are reinvesting into their facilities and there are a growing number of day trip excursions to enjoy.