Meeting of August 30, 2017

The Pinky Swear Team was at our club for an update, Gabi, Michael and Ariana.
Jacob lead a presentation on the Rotary International Conference in Atlanta.
The whole crew and Teri shown here.

Call to Order: President Jacob Milner at 7:34am

Invocation by Nate Rundquist Prayer of the Four Way Test.
O Lord, in our daily application of the Four Way Test, grant us The Vision of Faith, The Inspiration of Hope, and The Blessings of Charity. …. Amen.

Rotary Minute: Cathy Carlson: appropriate behavior – have the right choice of words – provide equal leadership roles for both genders – void belittling jokes.

Char: Granddaughter
Jerald: Whole group of his offspring … didn’t leave anyone behind.
Theresa: Two Daughters
Alexa: Both of her Sons
Lenny: Andy, Ron Erhardt, Lenny and kids from The Pinky Swear Foundation

Nancy: Polio Jug…keep it moving; Trips to India and Nicaragua, look for info in the Rotary Spoke.
Alexa: Sell Raffle Tix; Signup for selling raffles at other clubs; Signup to bring items in for silent auction baskets or to assemble baskets at Alexa’s house.
Cathy: Get your magnetic Rotary pin for $5.
Bob: 79 gofers have signed up!
Chris C: Golfers and sponsors are coming in nicely. $16,100 in sponsorships so far consisting of 24 sponsors.

Ariana, Gabi and Michael (13, 10 and 8 years old) presented their great program to which the Minnetonka Rotary Foundation contributed $1000 last year. They help kids with cancer and their families. Raising $50,878.17 in 2016. The target in 2017 is a goal to raise $55,000. So far, in three years this foundation has raised over $120,000 to help families affected by cancer. They use the money to assist with paying mortgages, lodging, transportation costs, etc. Ariana is also starting her own company to cook/sell and use profits to help the Pinky Swear Foundation.

Raffle: We had a visitor, Chars Granddaughter, win the lottery ticket but no luck on the card so the Pot Carries!

Happy Bucks by Chris Roseland:
Chris R: Dr. Bob helped him out last week
Bob: Pinky Swear kids; and his selling 40 raffle tix so far
Frank: Happy
Alexa: Bennet’s birthday
Jerald: School starting … a cheer went up from the parents.
Ann W: Granddaughter’s first birthday
Darlene: Bring wine in for a silent auction basket
Bonnie: Iowa trip with her brother; Mentor connecting two worlds in her life together
Chris C: Jerald for help with fender bender; Lenny took him to USB Stadium; Bonnie did some life planning for him
Christine: Guy’s birthday; Edwin’s water/flooding misfortune
Roger: Home for people in Houston
Nancy: biking in and around Lake Itasca/Itasca State Park
Bill: Thanks Ariana for her cooking that she did for his gathering…recommends her to all
Theresa: Trip to Europe
Char: Hopkins volleyball won; Granddaughter is excited for school
Mark Magney: Missing Rotary until the Fundraiser
Neal: Going to the lake tomorrow until Tuesday
Ron: Scott Nagel for getting Ron & Marys sale done even with big challenges
Sara: Friend in Houston is safe
Alan: Happy to be a grandfather
Guy: Birthday wishes; lots of Rotary interactions this past week; pink flamingos for the yard from Christine
Lenny: Andy (guest) for being here; HS class reunion
Sam: Happy to show up before happy bucks ended; happy to see young future Rotarians in the room; music festival
Andy: Company party; HS class reunion; shares the same birthday as Guy
Jacob: Trip to Europe; got stuck in the airport/airplane due to the President
Mary: Moving and having boxes everywhere feels like Christmas every morning she wakes up
Floriane: Happy to be here; resigning from former club with plans to join Minnetonka Rotary!

Jacob with help from the group Char, Nancy, Mark Magney, Theresa.
Rotary International convention in Atlanta 2017 Highlights

Highlights included:
➢ Waffle House
➢ World of Coca Cola (history, marketing, holidays)
➢ Dinner with Terri Bonoff

➢ Vigil to end Human Trafficking
o 2,000-3,000 Rotarians attended (based on Char’s estimation).
o Ashton Kutcher was a founder of a company that provides an “app” that assists to stop this.

➢ Atlanta Zoo – pandas and candy!
➢ Aquarium

➢ The Rotary International Conference:
o 4th conference Mark has attended.
• Mark enjoys meeting people new and seeing people he has met at prior conferences.
o Speakers:
• Bill Gates – he committed more $ to eradicate polio (hundreds of millions $).
• Ashton Kutcher spoke on human trafficking

• Other things at the conference included:
➢ Packed meals for the hungry
➢ Habitat for Humanity had a volunteer opportunity for Rotarians to build a structure that was shipped off after the conference for someone to use.
➢ SIGN UP FOR TORONTO 2018 to be held in June 2019. Pricing goes up once December arrives.