Meeting of August 9, 2017

Chris Carr lead us in an organizational meeting of what we need
to do to have a successful Golf Outing for 2017.

The invocation was by Bill Yaeger ….. A Thanksgiving Prayer
Oh, God, when I have food help me to remember the hungry. When I have work, help me to remember the jobless. When I have a warm home, help me to remember the homeless. When I am without pain help me to remember those who suffer. And remembering, help me to destroy my complacency and bestir my compassion. Make me concerned enough to help, by word and deed, those who cry out for what we take for granted. …. Amen ….. Samuel F. Pugh

--> Donna: ICA is putting on the Great Taste on October 5th, 2017. Sign-up sheets were on the table this morning.
--> Donna - We have nine Adventure team baskets, and we are in need of captains to lead each experience. Need sign up NOW.
--> Christine: Resourceful West is putting on a back-to-school packing event, and there are two separate opportunities in August to participate on Tuesday 8/22, and Thursday, 8/24 from 5:30-7:30.

The following people were happy, showing it with their dollars:
--> Dr. Bob- going to play golf out east and playing with sons.,
--> Roger - we aren't sure, but Roger is a happy guy
--> Glenn - helped his son move on west coast, ,
--> Chris Carr, Company Open House for tomorrow and company for supporting Rotary!,
--> Jerald - gave thanks for Cathy's relatives good driving
--> Pete something about throwing bowls ?,
--> Regina - happy she woke up,
--> Bonnie - 29 th Anniv, but no liver & onions for their celebration dinner :(,
--> Anne - our own prof. gambler came back from Vegas with $,
--> Theresa is to Spain, happy to go on a trip … she might bring Jacob
--> Jacob paid a buck hoping Theresa will let him go on the trip,
--> Terry grateful for a wonderful National Night Out,
--> Bill S grateful to have two weeks away with his wife, and grateful to be back,
--> Mary - Ron's non-dated B Day and
--> Ron paid a buck because he is happy to be able to celebrate it!!,
--> Alan, for probably last grandchild, Guy - for Bill Y helping with garage,
--> Neal was happy that his neighbor paid for half of a Giant Cottonwood Tree removal
--> Ron L for his Birthday,
--> Char, family went to India and grand daughter got engaged at the Taj Mahal
… and Frank also saw the beauty of the Taj even in the morning fog!

Program was the 2017 Charity Golf Outing:
Chris Carr led the Rotary Fundraiser Golf Event discussion discussion today. The goal is to raise $32,500. As part of this goal, each member is asked to sell at a minimum of 17 raffle tickets to get all 1000 tickets sold. There are numerous roles and opportunities to help, and an all-hands-on-deck approach will accelerate our preparations as we head into crunch-time in August.