Meeting of February 1, 2017

John Vance, Minnetonka Fire Chief, told us about the Minnetonka Fire Department.
Chris presented Mary with a Paul Harris Fellow +2 Award today.

Meeting opened by President Alexa in the cafeteria

Invocation by Neal Enzenauer
Today, may I be open to others’ ideas and beliefs, respectful of our differences, not threatened by them. May I grow in understanding of my own motives, knowing that people often act out of their own fears. May I be a force for replacing fear with insight, helping us all to be patient and kind as we talk. Strength, real strength, can always find compromise, working together, may we find a common ground, enable us to move forward with a shared purpose. May we see what is truly important and unites us, focusing on that, to banish road blocks of ego and fear, today, may I be open to others’ ideas and beliefs.
Lord give all of us the strength to overcome our challenges. …. and bless this food we are about to receive. …. Amen.

Greeters were Pete and Mark Marlin
The guests were our two newest members, Darline Erickson and Fred Lattner

Raffle was for $151 conducted by Sara and Shauna; Sam did not draw a joker so there is only 3 cards left for next time. Note: Cathy may be back by then!

Foundation: Mary Tambornino received her Paul Harris Foundation +2

Happy Bucks, Molly collected these.
--> Lenny was happy for taking his grand children to a Timber Wolfs game and that his son is auditioning at 2 more schools this week
--> Char was happy to be back but had a great time with Cathy in the Bahamas
--> Terry was happy that he got his talk written for next week’s State of the City
--> Ron Usem is happy that their 20 year old grandson moved out
--> Guy was happy that he went to Golden Valley Rotary and sat in a Austin Martin
--> Darlene is happy to be in Rotary once again
--> Frank is happy about all the intelligent people in Minnetonka. #2 chess player in the world lives here
--> Ben is happy that he got to a Gopher game with his kids and that he is going to Mexico next week
--> Sam is happy about his conference in Scottsdale and his “business” meeting in Las Vagus next week.
--> Ron L was happy that he remembered to bring some Happy $ and that he got to introduce the speaker today
--> Patty is happy that Fire Chief Vance is with us today, that her son Charlie got his 1st job and that her older son got asked to a Saddie Hawkins dance
--> Dale is happy to be off of Delta AL after all the glitches he had to go through.
--> Glen was happy that the light rail to the airport only cost him $3.00
--> Alexa is happy that last weeks speaker, Wayne from NewGate liked his “awesome pen” ; that Bill S helped her out ; that she hasn’t written her talk for State of the City yet; and that her family got grant to digitize 4000 feet of her family’s home videos for her father

Speaker: John Vance, Fire Chief of Minnetonka

He has been chief for about 1 1/2 years and came back to Minnesota from Indiana.
He said that about 93% of the fire fighters in Minnesota are volunteer and that because
...... of that we have the 47th lowest cost of fire protection in the nation.
“Service before Self” is the departments motto. ( sound familiar )
Chief Vance gave us a brief history of the Minnetonka Fire Dept. and how fighting fires have
..... changed in recent years.
He went into how the department is now set up and how much training goes into a volunteer.
They are looking to expand the Central Station so that they and the police will have more room.
You’ll get a chance to talk to him Feb 8th at the State of the City at City Hall on Mtka Blvd.