Meeting of February 22, 2017

Ron, Bill and Guy at the District Convention this month.



Sergeant at Arms: Mark Magney, Cathy Carlson, Frank Babka, Bill Yaeger
Reporter: Ron Levitus
Greeter: Frank Babka; Guy Marzano
Welcome: Alexa Rundquist

Invocation – Scott Nagel’s heartfelt invocation included the wish:
“Bless the leaders and our motives.”

Pledge of Allegiance
4-Way Test
Rotary Serving Humanity

Guests Today guests are:
--> Marty Moynihan, introduced by Bill Yaeger, and by Guy Marzano
--> Terra Palm a from Resource West and Peg Keenan from ICA will be our speakers.

Alexa passed around info about West Metro Rotaract, looking for Sponsors, a time commitment.
Monthly meetings, no cost.. TABLED by the board until we find two people or more to mentor.

West Metro RotarAct is being considered but we do not have members in a position to serve this as it needs to be served.
Grant Management Seminars will be on the calendar soon: Check the Rotary Calendar.
Food Feedback Our provider would like to try more ideas and improve our breakfast.
The “I joined rotary because … I stay because …” Q&A is still open for your, input/ participation.

Raffle – Edmond Wu; Bill Sorteberg in charge of raffle today.
$24.00. The raffle and the card drawing itself was won by Ryan Johnson.

Our Club Foundation meeting will be Wednesday, March 1 after our regular meeting.
Members of our club are excited by and invited to participate in March Madness team picks.

New member Devon Roehrich was introduced, welcomed and inducted by Mark Magny and Bill Soterberg.

Nancy Davis has been travelling in India for two weeks. She reported on several Rotary destinations with fun or laborious activities in Delhi and Megopolis. as well as on the continent of Australia, and places on the North American Continent. Nancy will tell us more.

Happy BUCKS collected under the watchful eye of Dan Narr.
--> Char:for friends Birthdays,
--> Chris: had a Buck for Guy. And for being able to navigate the steps without aid.
--> Bill Yaeger: had a happy buck, I missed his story.
--> Glenn Juntii: for new carpet.
--> Stacey Quinn 5 bucks for friends birthday, Her daughter Anna turned 18 with reminders of the potential downside and potential consequences of new “freedom”.
--> Mark Martin: eager to dig into our new Summer Fundraiser in Excelsior.
--> Pete: was in Cancun instead of at our rollicing social. Also at Lake of the Woods fishing.
--> Tony: had a happy buck for Gerald, in anticipation of Friday’s snow.
--> Sam Stern: was happy for a meeting at Fogo de Chao
--> Chris: missed this one
--> Anne: Married 35 years, Going to visit grand kids,
--> Bonnie, happy for her 20 YO daughter $10,000 art grant. off set by the fact that her daughter had been hit by car a month ago. She has lost job as a painter’s assistant and sustained an injured hand that will cause her to lose some dexterity. All in all daughter is positive, alive, and ok in general.
--> Nancy: Happy for the $3 check she earned for a day of building a dam by hand in India The laborious dam building in India was a full 8 hour task. Nancy donated her $3 back to the project. Villagers get $3 day.
--> Mayor Terry Schneider: thanked us for attending his State of the City and apologised thinking some may not have enjoyed his talk.
--> Guy: Had a happy buck to disagrees with Mayor and said the mayor done a great job.
--> Frank: Had a happy buck but I was unable to catch his reason. Too busy practising my keyboarding.
--> Dane Espegard: Has a Happy Buck … he is going on vacation
--> Mark Magney: earned a PLATINUM award for a snow skiing competition.
--> Katie: thanked our members who supported her event. Plus her daugher in Big Sky won a ski touring race with a horse on skis.
--> Dale: had 20 happy bucks, Happy for MTKA Rotary Club’s 19 years as a service club “gets the job done. And, “ We have done a lot.” Tuesday March 7 Our Rotary Club will return to Empty Bowls for clean up.
--> Alexa, had great time at Social. She also commented on hat trick from a NDSU grad.

Speaker/Program, presented by Dale Feste - Presentations by ICA and Resource West
Dale said:
Greatest fundraiser since the beginning of time.
Mtka Rotary has donated $85,000, to date.
He then Introduced Tara Palm ICA and Peg Keenan Resource West

Peg Keenan:
ICA, said 6,000 people helped at ICA: Hopkins MTKA and 7 communities total.
Peg noted increased poverty is happening in suburbs, Hennepin was highest growth rate in Poverty. PEG told story of client support. Food , resume, and more. Help with rent getting people on their feet. Also people who cannot go out for their food.
FOOD, Employment assist. and housing are other aspects of their work and goals.
Donor and Client maps show we are helping our neighbors. Literally people in our nearby neighborhoods.
ICA goes through 1.4 MM lb of food annually. 55% from food rescue program.
50 volunteers/day for sorting.

Resource West: serve some of the same people as ICA and more.
A day in the life: Backpacks and winter gear, pull wide conversations, to work to greater stability for clients. A wait for affordable child care often takes several months. Come alongside for help such as childcare and parenting gaps.
Trying to get transportation so clients can get to work with their cars. Some looking at $1,000 repair bills.
City police may bring in someone who needs shelter but may have issues. Resource West has tools to determine best, safest place for all.
People come in to use copy and fax for clients.
Somali speakers served by Resource West’s Jamal for Samali language. Both Somali and Spanish language is provided by case managers.
Help families move toward stability, often through
conversation with client and other professionals


19th annual, 11 am to 7pm.
Come for dinner
music, soup, free bowls, bread.
Silent Auction offers art from local artists, including necklaces and other art. You do not need to be present to win if you have a winning bid.