Meeting of January 11, 2017

Bob accepted a Paul Harris plus 4 pin from Chris.
…. And Katie is shown with our speaker, HHS Principal Doug Bulllinger.

The meeting was called to order by President Alexa at 7:35 am.

We had one guest,
Devon Roerhrich, a financial planner, who is interested in joining our Club.

--> Neal set up our display board to the meeting with various PR articles, which we can all use as needed to promote our Club. Thank you for your great work!
--> Char thanked everyone who volunteered at Loaves and Fishes yesterday.
--> Frank told us that Angela Eiffert from the Prior Lake Club, who works at the American Refugee Committee is forming the first Rotaract Club in a refugee camp, which will be in Uganda.
--> Alexa reminded us that there will be a meeting at Teens Alone on Thursday, January 19 at 10:00 am to discuss how we could help them. All are invited. Their space is just down the hall from our meeting room at Eisenhower Community Center.
--> Alexa again: The District Mid Term Training Assembly is January 28 from 8:00-1:30 at the Earl Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center. Alexa urged all to attend. There is no fees as our District dues pay for this event.

Visioning Summary:
Through various happy bucks, below, the Club expressed their thanks to Dr. Bob and Alexa for their fine work on the Visioning meeting Monday. They will be sending a summary of the ideas which came up at the meeting. Alexa asked those who were not there to send to her their ideas on what "Building Responsible Youth" means to Minnetonka. Other members of the Visioning Committee are Nate, Bonnie, Roger and Bob.

Raffle….. Rogers ticket was drawn, but the cards were not in his favor.

Chris R awarded to Dr. Bob Hersman his Paul Harris plus 4 pin.

Happy Bucks:
--> Guy is happy because he is holding Bennet.
--> Regina is happy about being a member of our club.
--> Sam is looking forward to babysitting his grandson next weekend.
--> Katie is happy because Hopkins High School is great, the Principal is at our Club today, and a well functioning "tech board" has been installed in our meeting room.
--> Dr Bob is happy because around 20 members attended the Visioning meeting on Monday and we "own" the term "Building Responsible Youth" on the internet.
--> Lenny is happy because he and his wife had lunch with Christine and Guy at Sesame Cafe after his shift at ICA on Saturday. Also Evan will be auditioning at UW this week.
--> Roger is happy that the Visioning meeting went so well on Monday. Also, he recommends the "Martin Luther: Art and the Reformation" exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, which includes important period architecture. The Exhibit ends January 15.
--> Pete is happy because he volunteered at Loaves and Fishes last night.
--> Chris R is happy "?" Because his daughter had an accident? Gerald is now repairing two of his cars.
--> Scott Nagle is happy because he is not going to die anytime soon. (We are too). Turns out he was born with the brain abnormalities detected recently when he had a hockey jury. His wife thinks that explains a lot.
--> Stacey is happy because the Visioning meeting on Monday produced a lot of good ideas and enthusiasm..
--> Char is happy because her pacemaker is working well and her check-up on Monday was the best one in years.
--> Ron had a great vacation in New Jersey at the home of his grandchild where he was in charge of the baby's laundry. He is stronger than before he went because his bedroom was on the 3rd floor and the laundry room is on the first. He also is happy because of the energy of our leadership shown at the Visioning meeting.
--> Ann is happy that her husband showed up at Loaves and Fishes yesterday …. and our Club is in good hands.
--> Nancy is happy that her daughter from Massachusetts will be visiting at Easter. Her son-in-law won't be available to help her travel with their 3 children, so her daughter is coming alone. For adult time, we presume.

Our Speaker was Doug Bullinger, Principal of Hopkins High School, who provided much great information, all of which relates to our mission of Building Responsible Youth as he provides guidance to HHS staff. He will provide us with his presentation which will be sent to all of our members.