Meeting of January 18, 2017

Wayne Hanson from Newgate School was our speaker today.

We were off and running with Alexa ringing the bell at 7:32am

Invocation by Char:
Let us take a moment to remember the religions represented in the Rotary Family, and recall that when we were invited to join our Rotary Club we were not asked our religion. You were not asked because all religions are welcome in the Rotary Family, and now join me in the following reflection:

With our friends beside us, and no person beneath us, with the bonds of Rotary between us, and our worries behind us, and no tasks beyond us, with a thirst for knowledge, and a dream of a Polio free world …. We are thankful for our Rotary Friends and the meal we are about to share. …. Thank you, Shalom, Amen.

--> Devon Roehrich, who also visited last week, and
--> Darlene Erickson who was formerly a member of the St Louis Park Noon club and who wants to return to Rotary after a three year absence.

--> Mark Marlin: Minnetonka Rotary is supporting the dog sled rides next Sunday, January 22, 2017 at the City of Minnetonka Kid's Fest. We will have a presence there from 12:00 to 3:30. Call Mark Marlin with any questions.
--> Alexa: board meeting tomorrow, January 19th 7am at Dan Narrs,.... MoveFwd tour planning at Eiasenhower 10am tomorrow, January 19th at MoveFwd site.

Katie had the winning ticket, but did not draw the winning card. $88.00 carries over in the pot.

Polio Plus:
Nancy reported that at this point in the year, our club has raised more than ever before for Polio Plus.

Happy Bucks:
Jennifer is happy that the Hopkins Education Association Mardi Gras will occur on February 25.
--> Guy is happy to know Edmond's Chinese name, which is Tinman.
--> Lenny is happy that so many club members attended last week's Foundation Board Meeting, such that there were even more guests than Board members. Also, Evan is now 5 for 5, meaning that all 5 of the music programs to which Even applied invited him to audition.
--> Katie is happy that her husband retired from Medtronic. She left him at the cabin to continue remodeling it.
--> Dr. Bob gave happy bucks of $41.50 which is the amount of years he worked in his practice before closing last Friday on the sale to his partner. He is blessed that his succession plan worked and he will celebrate in AZ.
--> Glen is also going to AZ next week. When he goes south, he always causes warm weather in MN
--> Ben found his grandfather using a crock pot to humidify his house and bought him a real humidifier.
--> Chris Carr is enjoying his daughter's interest in skiing. Chris will be in Chicago next week.
--> Jennifer will also be in Chicago next week.
--> Mary reported that she and Ron will also be in Chicago next week, taking their winter vacation. It was hard to tell if this was a happy buck or a plea for a better vacation.
--> Ron explained that he will be attending the annual conference of Transportation attorneys, who should transport their conference to a warmer place
--> Stacey is happy that Tony put air in her tires. She also instructed us in the proper method to get rid of a cough: put Vicks Vapor Rub on your feet.
--> Bill Yaegar suggested putting a copper tube in your nose to get rid of a cold.
--> Regina is happy because she was breathing when she woke up this morning.
--> Sam is happy because (1) Darlene Erickson is at our meeting (2) he spent time with his grandson this weekend and (3) he found out that he's "still got it" when Congressman Nolan called him for lunch.
--> Char helped her 14 year old granddaughter meet her service requirement for school by taking her to serve at Loaves and Fishes.
--> Pete's son will be deployed to the Persian Gulf as a new captain with 200 men under him.
--> Alexa is happy because she saw a lot of Rotarians last week. She is even more happy with her new engagement ring. Her son proposed to her, but seemed confused about the next step since Alexa is already married to Nate.

Our speaker was Wayne Hanson, Director of Newgate School. Newgate School teaches auto mechanics and auto body skills. The School was initially intended to train convicted felons. Now days they train low income young people, ages 19-35 who are unemployed or under employed. Operations are funded fully by the donation of about 3000 cars per year. most of which are repaired by students and then sold at auto auctions. There is a 4 minute video on the School web site

Newgate School also operates a "Wheels for Woman" program through which they give approximately 40 cars each year to single working mothers who have low incomes. A woman may apply on the website.

According to a show of hands, many of our members have donated cars to Newgate School. Dale, who has donated 4 vehicles to Newgate gave a testimonial and said that Newgate School is the best "social service agency" around.

Wayne also mentioned the Lyft Garage on Nicollet and 60th, which has no connection to Newgate, which repairs vehicles for low income people at $15 per hour plus parts at cost.

Newgate School Video …

And we finished at 8:29am ….