Meeting of January 25, 2017

Dane, his wife Brooklyn, and his new daughter, Ellan attended our meeting.
..... and Stephen Yoch, our speaker told us of "George Washington .... Action Hero !"

Meeting opened by President Alex

Invocation by Patty Acomb ..... Calm
In times of fear and panic, Let us be a force of calm.
Let those who are trembling, find us safe to lean upon.
May we be the voice of reason. May we comfort the oppressed.
May we show our compassion to those who’re most distressed...... Amen.

Greeters were Pete Giancola and Mark Marlin
Guests were Darline Erickson, Devon Roehrich, and Fred Lattner. Also present were Guests of Dane Espegard, his wife Brooklyn and daughter Ellan.

Raffle was conducted by Nancy and Sara; $110 was at stake and Ben failed to draw a joker. Everyone should buy tickets next week cuz Cathy will still be gone.

Alexa posted a picture of Cathy and Bill S. on Facebook and is looking for a caption. Send her one and she will announce the winner next week. She is in to prizes so let’s play.

Foundation Presentations: Ben Monans was entered into the Paul Harris Society; Sara Hillshiem became a Paul Harris Fellow and Ryan Johnson got PHF+1

Happy Bucks:
--> Frank - His Aunt Babka passed away. Sorry Frank.
--> Pete - was concerned that only 2 women had touched the baby and that Feb 3rd he will be making bowls for Empty Bowls with the students.
--> Katy - also happy about Pete throwing bowls
--> Bonnie - starred with us that her 20 year old daughter was hit by a car while walking home from work and that she was happy that there were no signs of brain of spinal cord injury. Dr. Bob’s office took care of fixing the glasses.
--> La Wayne - happy that her mother is turning 95 this week.
--> Regina - happy to be here
--> Terry - reminded us that the state of the city will be Feb 8 and he has nothing to say
--> Dane - headed to Cabo San Lucia
--> Mark Magney is headed to Montana for 8 days of skiing.
--> Guy - is happy about a guest
--> Sam - is happy that when his grandson grabbed his face he laughed uncontrollably
--> Alexa - starred a story about shopping at you local hardware store, that the club sponsored the dog sled rides that became pony carriage rides and that it was Nate's birthday. We sang very badly.

Our Speaker was Stephen Yoch author of "Becoming George Washington".
He shared many episodes from Washington’s life and dispelled some rumors. The book is an historical novel and a lot about the young life of our first president. Stephen fell in love with history and is beginning his next book which will be about Benedict Arnold, from his viewpoint, who he said was very interesting. Books were for sale and many walked out with Rotarians.