Meeting of January 4, 2017

Scott Nagel was awarded a Paul Harris plus one award.... congratulations Scott.
We had vocationals from Regina and Frank .... great vocationals from our members.

Rotary Spoke for January 4, 2017

Alexa called the meeting to order in the Wetlands Cafe at 7:31am

Invocation by Mark Forsberg with an introduction focused on Encourage…..
Help is to see possibilities, not just problems.
Help us to praise effort, not dwell on the end result.
Help us to engage more than we sit idle.
Help us to encourage others and not ignore or unjustly criticize.
Help us to build a better community here where we live and where we work …. Amen.

Regina brought her nephew and told us about his many accomplishments.

--> Bob Hersman announced a Visioning session for the Club to plot our future to be held on Monday, January 9, 2017. Dinner will be served at 5:30 and the meeting will start at 6:00.
--> Lenny: The Minnetonka Rotary Foundation Board will meet on Wednesday, January 11 at Lenny's office. All Club members are invited to attend.
--> Katie and Cathy Let us know that our server Treva's daughter had a very bad accident in Arizona, where she is going to school.
--> Alexa: District Governor Mark Hegstrom will be speaking at the next Rotaract meeting.
--> Alexa: Our District Mid-year training will be in January 28 at the Earl Brown Center. President Alexa urged all members to attend. There is no cost to attend.
--> Alexa and her family watched the Rose Bowl Parade and saw the Rotary float, which won the prize for the most beautiful float under 35 feet.

Surprise, surprise, Cathy Carlson had the winning ticket, but did not draw the joker this time
…. At least we can say it’s the first time she won this year.

Chris Rosenlund awarded Scott Nagel his "Paul Harris plus one" pin.
Congratulations, Scott.

Happy Bucks:
--> Bill S enjoyed having his whole family home for New Years.
--> Karen visited her father in Bemidji.
--> Cathy will be going to AZ to wash and iron sheets.
--> Bill Yaegar, told us that Sarah is now happily married and honeymooning in Jamica.
--> Char saw Chris R bagging at Lunds in Eden Prairie. Chris said he was bagging for tips for Eden Prairie High School. (Not sure if it is really his new second job.)
--> Lenny said Evan Newman will be auditioning for 4 or 5 of the schools to which he applied.
--> Scott Nagel appreciates our health care system after incurring a hockey injury
--> Chris Carr hosted Christmas and his daughter is now interested in down hill skiing.
--> Ben delivered 16 IPods for kids and thanks Bob for pulling together our Hoagies meeting last week.
--> Molly is back from hiking many mountains in New Zealand. Sadly she came to the non-existent meeting at Eisenhower last week.
--> Chris R's daughter got her driver's license, but Jerald was not at the meeting to celebrate.
--> Neal had good holidays and received an electric smoker, which he has already put to good use.
--> Terry S and his family celebrated New Years at Tuttles and his son proposed to his girl friend.
--> Fly Girl Regina did not get home from celebrating the New Year until 3 am.
--> Alexa and Nate spent 5 days with her father who was in the hospital and enjoyed child-free conversations. She also finally beat him at cribbage. She was pleased that her outfit today matched Ann's.

Frank and Regina provided us with information on their lives as todays speakers.

--> Our in-house philanthropist, Frank Babcock, has been to almost every state in the US and 40 countries on 5 continents.
Frank "Radar" Babcock graduated from Cornell University and obtained his MBA from UW Madison. While in school, he worked summers on a relative's ranch in Western Nebraska. From growing up in Dubuque, Iowa, Frank came to love boats and trains. This led him to Cargill, one of the largest food and agricultural business in the world. At Cargill, Frank managed the logistics of freight transport, which was a demanding 24/7 job.
When Frank had been at Cargill for 14 years, his father sold his very successful business, the Antique Trader. As a part owner, Frank was then able to become a full time philanthropist and volunteer at age 37. He typically supports small organizations and individuals.

--> Our newest member, Regina Reed told us of her life as well.
Regina Reed grew up on a farm in Mississippi. She looked up to her grandfather who taught her that she shouldn't throw mud at anyone because it would get on her hands first. As well as her African heritage, Regina is part Blackfoot and Cherokee Indian. Her family move to St. Louis. She started nursing school, but had to quit because she did not like blood. She then attended Harris Teachers College. She was concerned about classroom management and joked to us that she might end up in the penitentiary.
After trying some other things, Regina went into real estate. She had 2 children.
There was not time for Regina to complete her vocational. To be continued....