Meeting of July 12, 2017

Mark Magney was in a good mood .... he won the raffle an award as a Paul Harris Fellow, announced a pizza party at his new house and figured Chris needed Rabbit Ears.
Ron Usem with his magic lantern was gathering happy bucks and a passionate Nancy Davis was our speaker today and told us of her journey to India.

Jacob Millnar, New President, His First Meeting went off with only a couple of hitches .... but all in all a success.

Alexa was given her past-president badge

Invocation by Darlyne regarding comfort and love through breathing
Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out I smile. Engaging in mindful breathing meditation such as this centers me and provides comfort from any perceived fears ….. Amen

Rotary Minute by Kathy Carlson:
-- Reviewing Rotary Philosophy and the four way test

--> Bob Hersman introduced the Hopkins Scholarship winner of four years ago, Sarah, and she is going to medical school.
--> Chris Riess, he and his father were long-time supporters of the scholarship for the home school.
--> Bill Yaeger introduced Coral Rose …. Who is considering becoming a member.

--> Beer and Pizza Party at Mark and Tammy’s new home on Thursday, August 17th, 5:00 – 8:30. This will be our August social, $25.00/person.
--> Books for Africa in January
--> ICA Food Shelf needs more volunteers for the first and third Saturdays of each month.
--> Resource West, packing school supplies
--> Fundraiser meeting regarding the golf outing took place last week.
--> See Kathy Carlson for forms
--> Alexa has T shirts for sale for $20.00
--> Summerfest raised $896.04.
--> Bob Hersman has professional magnifiers with light for $5.00. All proceeds going to Polio Plus.

Mark Magney wins the raffle …. Little pot but still a winner.

Paul Harris, fellow +8 Award given to Mark Magney

Happy Bucks by Ron Usem and the magic lantern
--> Nancy was happy that she got all her new carpet in.
--> Bob Hersman was happy that his daughter is coming to visit.
--> Pete was happy that his puppy hadn’t had an accident yet.
--> Glen was happy that his son and nine month old granddaughter were coming to visit.
--> Bonnie was happy to see so much plaid today.
--> Alexa had a complaint buck but no one remembers what she was complaining about.
--> Mark was happy that Jacob was finally doing something other than being an observer.
--> Scott was happy that he had his new ironizer to remove smells from his house.
--> Deron was happy that his wife’s medical tests all came back negative.
--> Regina was happy that she had a whole box of mangoes and avacados.
--> Molly was happy that her son announced wedding plans after 14 years of engagement.
--> Kathy Carlson was happy that she was closing on her house and she also added that Jerald will be getting some new work.
--> Chris Carr was happy that a storm didn’t hit his cabin.
--> Chris Ries was happy that he didn’t have to raffle off the cat.
--> Mark was happy that the kids were in town and Troy got married.
--> Bill S. was happy that he had finished Mateo’s book, it was a good book.
--> Tony mentioned that he got a thank you note from Mateo.
--> Donna was happy that she took a solo trip and really enjoyed it.
--> Neal was happy that he was back safely from his Oklahoma trip.
--> Guy was just happy to be back.

Speaker: Nancy Davis talked about her trip to India for Polio Plus. She was part of the National Immunization Day which is vaccinating 172 million children ages 0 – 5. She was in Puhana Village, 20,000 residents. India reported their last case of polio in 2011 for 1.3 billion people. She also mentioned she helped build a “Check Dam”.