Meeting of July 19, 2017

Vocationals by Donna Ruekert and Therese Kuvaas gave us a snapshot of their lives and held our interest.
Pete received an award / recognition for his pottery work.

Invocation by Guy Marzano
God, let us know your will for us today. Thank you for a great day yesterday. Please help remove those obstacles that keep us from being of service to others, and grant us the strength to do the next right thing in every instance today. Amen.

Rotary Minute by Kathy Carlson “Definition of Rotary”

Guest, Dr. Andy Ruth

Pete got a certificate of appreciation for his pottery work ..... PolioPlus donation in his name.
Board Meeting Friday at 7:30 a.m.
Pins available by Kathy Carlson
A beer and pizza party at Mark Magney’s August 17th, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Raffle tickets will be ready next Wednesday
501(3)c gift certificates are available
Alexa handed out thank you notes from grant recipients.
Nancy Davis had end polio jugs for business locations.
Lakeshore News and the Sun Sailor July 13th edition had an article about Kati Williams being Rotarian of the Year.
School supplies for Resource West – start collecting
Alexa passed out a thank you card from Cookie Cart.

Fifty-two dollar collected, Kathy Carlson selected, but no winner

Happy Bucks by Ron Usem
Bob was happy that his daughter was in town.
Mac was happy for no particular reason
Gerald was happy because he’d been sailing in the Apostle Islands.
Mark Forsberg was happy that he was going to Alaska on Friday,
Mark was also happy that Roger gave him his journal from his trip.
Katie was happy that our exchange student from Switzerland was on the Swiss La Cross team.
Frank was happy that Angela started a rotarack. She started a Rota rack in Uganda.
Ann was happy being back from Alaska.
Mary was happy she sold her house
Kathy was happy that she went to her 8th grade class reunion.
Christine was happy because she went to her class reunion.
Regina was happy that she served at ICA
Bill was happy because he’s going on vacation for two weeks at his cabin and sailing.
Mark Magney was happy that the Twins beat the Yankees.
Ron was happy that his daughter got engaged.
Sam was happy that he had a family reunion and had his grandson this week.
Neal was happy that his wife was with her sisters this week.
Lenny was happy about his vacation to Mexico.
Bob was happy that Dr. Ruth was his patient.

Vocationals today from new members:

Donna Ruekert:
--> She joined in March, born in Ohio, moved to Michigan at age seven,
--> got her degree from the University of Michigan,
--> did sales with Proctor & Gamble in Chicago.
--> She met her husband at the Carlson school and got married in 1988.
--> Children: Joe, John and Katherine.
--> Spent ten years as the International Market Square Show Room Manager.
--> Then she stayed home to raise her kids, volunteered at the school, the Courage Center and became a para at the Glen Lake School.
--> In 2012 her husband died of cancer.
--> She has four granddaughters. Went back to work for Helmes Bristo doing research for business conferences, works from home.
--> She is an ICA volunteer. She likes tennis, golf and biking.
--> A friend of hers in Wisconsin recommended her to join rotary Jacob responded to her email.

Terese Kuvaas:
--> She is a lobbyist for the Minnesota Bankers Association.
--> Born in 1977, went to Brooklyn Park High School.
--> She was the middle child, her mother was from Wales, her dad was from Iowa.
--> They lived for a while in Colorado, then Wales, then British Columbia.
--> At age 13 she got stuck in London airport.
--> She was a grocery store employee,
--> she went to Madison to study international relations.
--> Her mom became a U.S. citizen in 1999, that’s when she discovered politics.
--> She got a job at the Capital as a legislative assistant.
--> Worked on Tim Pawlenty’s 2002 campaign, 2004 Bush campaign.
--> Had her children in 2008 and 2010.
--> Volunteered at Sunday school.
--> She met Jacob hanging around the Capital.
--> She’s run eleven marathons, best time: 3 hrs. 44 mins.
--> She says yes to everything.
--> She wants to see more of Europe.
--> She went to Korea with Jacob last year.
--> She has a house in Plymouth and she has gotten her girls involved in service projects.

Next week will be the club assembly and Governor Irene Kelly will be here.