Meeting of July 26, 2017

Irene Kelly, District Governor Elect, and Tom Gump also from District 5950 were in attendance today and enjoyed our meeting. Here is Cathy Carlson receiving her Paul Harris plus 8 award today from our photogenic Chris.

Invocation – Fred ….Service Above Self …..
May those assembled here today enjoy the many offerings of Rotary. May we abide by the rules we have established, those of trust, fellowship and ethics, and may we place service above self, in our daily endeavors. And may we always test ourselves and our efforts to be sure they are the truth, good for all concerned, of benefit to mankind, and provide peace and understanding..…. Amen.

Rotary Minute by Cathy …. She discussed the District 5950 Respectful Behavior guidelines developed in 2006 and Supplement to the guidelines. Cathy let the Group know that we will continue to cover this topic throughout the year. We did discuss that our club had more women than the average 5950 club.
Focus topics were Fellowship and Respect for diversity in our behaviors
Thank you Cathy for all you do for the Club.

Chris R then presented Cathy as a Paul Harris Fellow +8.

Guys --> Andy Ruth (Dr. Ruth)
Alexa --> Tom Gump, District 5950 and Irene Kelly - District Governor Elect and Carol MacDonald, Assistant.
Katie --> Alex - Hopkins District Teacher
Jerald --> sweet daughter Lilly - thanks for helping to distribute raffle tickets for Golf Tournament.
Frank --> Floriane Nibakure from Rwanda and is interested in becoming a member

--> Nancy - WW is having an event on 8/17 from 5-9 pm; cost $25 - beer is included.
--> Nancy - Polio jug is going around - please remember every penny counts.
--> Pete -We all know who he is and he is working a community service project with kids throwing pots at the Scott County Fair Thursday and Friday of this week.
--> Alexa - Blue Rotary t-shirts for sale, $20 a piece; if you don't see Alexa to get one, Lilly will be talking to you! Side note, Karen forgot to pick hers up when she volunteered??
--> Irene Kelly - shared the Incoming President manual with our Nancy.
--> Chris - Golf Tournament Goal - $32,500; if everyone sells their raffle tickets (17 tickets - $170 dollars) we will raise $10,000. Also, Kathy and Chris want all of us to find silent item items and bring them to Cathy ASAP.
--> Carol - Days for Girls is looking for items for Tabitha; yarn, material, sewing machines. Things we are not using. These items will help to build sustainable business models for girls. Jacob will let us know where to donate the items.
--> Cathy - donation forms or the silent auction and all things golf fundraiser are on the Rotary site.
Alex and Donna will be contacting the group with basket instructions in the next week or two.

Raffle – Guy ran the drawing.
Chris Carr started out strong, but didn't win this week - pot will start at $45 next week.

Happy Bucks – Sue circulated in the crowd.
--> Mary said Happy Birthday Ron on 8/11 - thankful that their daughter is home from Cambodia
--> Terry Schneider - Retiring from City Council - planning fun trips!
--> Ben - had an opportunity to sit by PJ Fleck - Excited about the direction of Gopher Football!
--> Char - Plug for Rotary International next year June 23 -27 in Toronto, Canada.
--> Guy - thanks to everyone here from 5950 and that Christine is feeling well enough today to be here.
--> Ron L - Daughter got the best new job - Women Delivers in New York
--> Regina - Jerald removed tree limb - Gerald said that wasn't a limb it was a tree. He talked Belinda for the meal at the shop and enjoyed eating most of it.
--> Jerald - happy to have an empty nest for a few days while all the kids are gone at camp.
-->Floriane Nibakure from Rwanda - Happy to be at our meeting
--> Chris R- Daughter did great in softball tournament made it top 20 even with heat index of 110
--> Chris C- Thanks Lilly for being here to pass out raffle tickets and for intro to Lenny son to get some Cutco Knives.
--> Lenny Newman - Excited about 7th annual family reunion at Twin Lakes Wisconsin. and thanks to Chris for meeting with the son!
--> Glenn - had a great time with 4-year old grandson. He asked "why a life jacket" then fell in the lake with it on and was grateful. He wonders when he will ask again about "why a life jacket".
--> Bob - thankful he didn't have spend 10 hours in the car with wife and daughter and could talk care of mother-in-law and drink beer and watch the Twins play baseball.
--> Neal - did a trip to Jackson, Minnesota; Fargo and back to Minneapolis - 1,000 miles didn't beat Mac at 1,900 miles.
--> Jacob - Happy Birthday to Teresa and thank you to Ben for the space at Signature Bank for the Board Meeting.

Rotary was all about our club this week …. The Club Assembly:

Chris Carr - Links & Libations - 9/14 is the big event - record raffle ticket sales 744 - lets do better this year. All sold and unsold tickets must be returned to have a legal raffle. Chris will send out committee member list. GET THOSE SILENT AUCTION ITEMS TURNED IN. Licensing is on track, more information on baskets to be announced in the coming weeks, press is ready to go. Thank you to Neil for all your work with the Press and getting everything we need to have a great event online.

Neal -Public Relations toured the new Rotary Org Chart - he reviewed the avenue of service and how it flows into the major position of the club. And a brief discussion of the Charity Golf page and the upcoming website overhaul. Christine and the entire club thanked Neal for working to revamp our website; we expect it to be well underway in the next 30 days.

Sara & Scott - Social Events - see calendar on the website. We are still looking for an idea for November. Next event August 17 at Marks' House from 5:30 to 8:30; it is a fundraiser for our Foundation. $25 per person. Alexa has offered to be a designated driver :).

Alexa - Foundation Board meeting - everyone welcome. August 14 at 5:30. Location TBD. We will review grants we have received to date and will discuss tax documentation letters for gift pass throughs from club members. List of current Board members can be found on the website.

Community Service - sad goodbye to Char and welcome to Katie. See the calendar of community service events on the website. If you want to volunteer for Bikes for Kids, she Glenn,; if you want to Mentor in the Hopkins district, see Pete or Chris. New Event ….. Days for Girls Sew-a-Thon - Sewing and non-sewing tasks. More information to follow.

Treasurers Report - Mac
--> 6/30 balance in check after sending $xxxxx ( ask Mac ) to the Foundation is in good shape. Budget passed by Board has a healthy positive overage attached..
--> Dues going from $250 to $265; we are also expecting a 28% increase in cost of breakfast charge by the Hopkins Food Service. The next board meeting will review meal prices withany change to begin October 1.
--> Members asked why dues were increasing if we are in good shape. The decision to increase was made based on 5950 and RI increase and the fact that we haven't had an increase in several years but have received increase from the district. 51% of dues go to the district and Rotary International. .
--> Please attend the Board meeting if you are interested in discussing the meal increase proposal on 8/11 at 7:30 am at Eisenhower.

Bylaws - If you are interested in discussing the changes to By-laws before the vote, there will be a meeting on 10/4. More information about timing and location to follow.