Meeting of June 14, 2017

A lot of excitement today ......
Top: our speaker Mateo Eman with his mother and a presentation on Autism.
Bottom: RI Foundation Chair Chris Rosenlund with Paul Harris Fellow LaWayne Yaeger and five time Paul Harris Jerald Steile

Invocation today was by Regina, she reminded us of the gift of Energy.
As I watch children at play, I may admire their energy … and wonder how or when I can join them. I recall times of energy isn’t gone …. I’ve just lost touch with it ! I set aside the busyness and concerns of my day. For a moment, even if only in my mind, I am at play. The explorer, the painter, the dancer who lives in my dreams brings a smile to my face. An imaginary kite soars as I run through fields of wild flowers. The blue of sky is so vivid and the sun so bright. I feel divine energy flowing through me. I plan for times of play and creativity, knowing it energizes my thoughts and my body. Play is a priority! Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” … Amen …. From: Matthew 19:14

Katie had a guest, Dan Brueske from Hopkins Schools.

--> Minnetonka Summerfest, we still need one more volunteer, Patty volunteered to bring a hot/cold cooler, and Cathy Carlson will fill in for Katie to manage the volunteers that afternoon.
--> The Golf Fundraiser committee yesterday, they have secured 6 items for the raffle, tickets should be available for sale by early July.
--> The Polio jug was passed around.
--> There will be a board meeting tomorrow, the budget will be discussed. If you have budget questions, talk to Mac.
--> Darlyne told us about the Oct fundraiser for ICA.
--> June 28 is the passing of the gavel happy hour at Maynards at 5:00.

Ryan had the ticket, but not the card, $89 will be carried to next week.

Paul Harris Awards:
LaWayne Yaeger received her first Paul Harris Award
Jerald Stiele received a pin for his 5th Paul Harris.

Happy Bucks:
--> Guy-Great job on Progressive Dinner
--> Alan-It is he and his wife’s 57th wedding anniversary, their children are all coming into to town to celebrate
--> Stacey-Lost a willow tree in last week-end’s storm, her daughter graduated from high school, and Jerald was able to fix her car
--> Katie-needs to buy a new car, she met a deer in the road, unfortunately the car lost
--> Jerald-his dog is better, she swallowed the pit of a peach and made her ill, and he just got back from a 4 day festival in Nashville
--> Pete-he is going to be tossing bowls at the Burwell House during the MTKA Summerfest
--> Neal-the Progressive Dinner went well
--> Chris C-Detroit Lakes girls golf is in the state tournament, and he thanked Dr Bob’s office for his new glasses
--> Bob-the twins had 20 runs, and he is going to CA for a wedding
--> Roger-he is healing from a motorcycle accident and happy to be without a cane
--> Ron-happy that the 30 foot tree that partially came down over the week-end came down by itself last night
--> Regina-blamed Ann for the wild animal fur that she found on her deck
--> Mark Magney-had a great time at the Rotary International Convention
--> Jennifer-while at the University of Illinois Freshman Orientation with her son, she ran into Terry Schneider’s wife, she was there with her grandson
--> Scott J-he and his wife survived Windstock, they saw Keith Urban and Leonard Skynard perform
--> Alexa-thanked Mark Magney, Neal Enzenauer and Ann Wengronowitz for hosting the Progressive Dinner

Our speaker today was Matteo Eman, he and his mother shared with us Matteo’s learning and experience with Autism. He said silence, lack of eye contact, hand flapping or squealing has nothing to do with intelligence. It was a remarkable program, thank you for sharing your story.