Meeting of June 21, 2017

Activity at todays meeting was happening at break neck speed.
Helen Chargo – Executive Director at Sojourner received a Foundation Grant from Lenny.
Our own Rick Ellingson received a Paul Harris Fellow Award
Our speakers from Hopkins Schools for Adult Options in Education were Katie Williams, Vincent Bolivar, Dan Brueske, and Chelsea Ritland.

Invocation-Sarah opened our meeting with this:
Creator and Sustainer of all that is or will ever be, accept our thanks for this day and all its blessings. We ask that you guide and direct our club, its leaders and our actions. Grant that each of us may feel our responsibility to Rotary, to our community, to our country, and indeed to all countries and peoples. Bless our fellowship today, in your service. Amen.

Chelsea Ritland, Dan Bruski, and Vincent Bolivar from Adult Options in Education.

--> Nancy – Sent around the polio jug
--> Mark Marlin-Summerfest is this week-end, remember to wear a hat or visor if you are serving beer.
--> Chris Carr-The next Golf Fundraiser meeting will be Tues, July 11. We have all the items for the raffle.
--> Alexa-Next Wed will be the celebration of the passing of the gavel at Maynards at 5:00, Bob Halligan is being inducted as District Governor, there is a board meeting tomorrow at 7:00 AM at Gilda’s Place, the proposed By-Laws will be e-mailed to you, you have until July to review, we will vote to approve on July 12.

Raffle-Ben won $143.

International Foundation
Chris Rosenlund presented Rick Ellingson with his Paul Harris Fellow plus 3 pin. He reported as a club, we donated $30,411 to the Rotary International Foundation this past fiscal year, our average member contribution was $501. Last year, we donated $24,755. The average member contribution in our district is $244.

Happy Bucks
--> Alan had a phenomenal week-end with his family.
--> Fred drove to Salt Lake City with his wife and puppy, without a radio.
--> Char had a great time in Atlanta with her grand-daughter and other Rotarians at the International convention. She is also happy her home is officially on the market and has been busy with showings.
--> Christine is happy to be with us.
--> Theresa had a great time in Atlanta at the convention.
--> Cathy found a dollar.
--> Bill doesn’t know why he is happy, just because.
--> Mark Marlin is happy that it is NOT going to rain next Saturday.
--> Lenny is happy that is friend is here to collect a contribution check from our Foundation for the Sojourner Project. He is also happy that his family was all present at Evan’s graduation last week.
--> Dan N is happy and sad, he is sad that he is leaving Guilda’s Club, and he is excited to have accepted a CEO positon with Provider’s Choice, another non profit organization in the twin cities.
--> Jacob is happy that he and Theresa are going to Treasure Island to see Adam Sandler.
--> Frank is happy that is saw Ron Axel’s presentation on his recent trip to Mt Everest.
--> Ben is excited that he won the raffle and that Pete will not be able to join us next Sat.
--> Pete is happy that he will be teaching kids how to throw pottery next Saturday at the Burwell House.
--> Regina is happy to be at the meeting.
--> Chris Carr is happy that he wore a plaid shirt and that his daughter is coming home from Girl Scout camp.
--> Neal had a great Father’s Day.... and he even got a card from his granddaughter.
--> Nancy had a great time at the Rotary Int’l convention in Atlanta, she saw Andrew Young and Bill Gates.
--> Ann is happy the Wengronowitz family could get together for a family wedding.
--> Karen saw Jacob yesterday.
--> Sam is excited that Ellie and his grandson are coming home to visit, and that he was part of a successful fundraising event at Canterbury Downs.
--> Ron had a great Father’s Day.
--> Alexa is happy that they know the sex of their baby, it will be revealed through an auction item.

Minnetonka Rotary Foundation
Lenny presented the Sojourner Organization a check for $500.
Their mission is to increase the safety of domestic violence victims.

Program Today --> Adult Options in Education
Chelsea, Dan and Vincent presented today,
--> The goal is to prepare adults to learn English, get their GED and or Basic skills for home and work.

Their mission is to empower adults. In 2016-17,
--> they had 793 learners, 137 volunteers, 96,669 class hours
--> 57.5% of the students were between the ages of 25-44.
--> They serve individuals from 80 different countries, representing 54 different languages.
--> Vincent won a scholarship last year.

Vincent in a moving story
--> When she was 17, she was kicked out of her home by her parents, down in Georgia.
--> She was homeless for a few months.
--> At the urging of a friend, she bought a bus ticket, with her last money and came to MPLS.
--> She enrolled in the program as a full time student while also working at McDonald 40 plus hours per week.
--> She is now enrolled to start college at Normandale this Fall,
--> she wants to study Science and either Aeronautical Engineer or BioMedical
--> She does not want to become a statistic, she wants to further herself in life.

.... and as we witnessed .... It was a great presentation.