Meeting of June 28, 2017

Top: Minnetonka Rotary Foundation members Lenny, Pete, and Karen... missing Roger, and Patty. Past Presidents Lenny and Chris awarded Alexa a gift acknowledging her service this year.
Bottom: Katie was named Rotarian of the Year ….and she was visibly surprised and moved at the acknowledgement.

Meeting called to order by President Alexa, with son Nolan ‘chiming in’.

Invocation by Darlyne, on Laughter. Perfect for our club.
Some people say that laughter is the best medicine. It connects me with others in positive ways and has been shown to produce positive changes in mind, body, and emotion. When I laugh, my body relaxes and my mood improves. Laughter creates a full body response that fills me with joy. …. Mirth serves as a tool for taking care of myself. My daily life comes with different full body stressors that at times make me feel overwhelmed or anxious. I can find relief throughout my day by looking for opportunities for laughter. My entire body response by releasing tension and my mind begins to shift from negative to positive thinking. My emotions regulate and I feel balanced and serene. Laughter fills my entire being with joy. ….. Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy …. from Psalm 126:2 ….. Amen.

Guests today; on the young side, Cameron Stiele and Nolan Rundquist

--> The club by-laws were passed out today; read them, and vote on them to approve.
--> The Rotary Club year ends today, and we’ll celebrate by “Passing the Gavel” at Maynard’s today.
Let’s hope for sun out on the deck, inside if not. 5:00 start time.
--> No meeting next week, July 5th.
--> Terry Schneider received the 2017 Ludwig Award as the Outstanding Director of
Elected Official for the Minnesota League of Cities .... Congratulations, Terry.
--> Summer fest, this past Saturday, report by Mark Marlin; 49 Club volunteers, 6800 people attended.
$$ Proceeds too early to tell, but great community exposure for club, and camaraderie.
--> Alexa reports that our club sent $12,000 to the Club Foundation for future giving. More every year!

What a coincidence; Terry’s raffle ticket is drawn, but low odds with a new deck today. Play On.

Alexa put together a video (is that term a little dated?) of all our club happenings during her year. Aside from plenty of face-time for Chris Rosenlund, the electronics were having an off day.
But we get the gist of it. It will be on our club website for your enjoyment.
Thank you, Alexa, for all that time and effort you have given us, right up to your last day.

Alexa gave out parting gifts, and thanks, to many members who contributed to the club during her year;
By category;
Club Foundation Board; Lenny; Roger, Karen, Patty, and Pete
Incoming officers; Jacob, Nancy, Stacey, and Dan.
Club Service; Mac, Mark Forsberg, Neal, Cathy, Sarah, Bob, Mark Marlin, Scott Johnson, Chris Carr
Christine, Char, Chris Rosenlund, Bill Sorteberg, Mark Magney.
We all, know how Alexa contributed to the club. We thank you very much.

There were two more recognitions that deserve to stand-out;
Nate; Alexa couldn’t hold it in, as she thanked Nate for ALL the help he gave her this year.
He shouldered a lot of kid’s time, which allowed her to focus more on Rotary.

Katie; Alexa thanked Katie for her service, guidance, and friendship. So much so, that Alexa, and the club, have named Katie the Minnetonka Rotarian of the Year for 2016-17.
(How do I put a loud whistle in the meeting notes?) Congratulations, Katie.

Do we feel a lot of love in the room today? Indeed!

Happy Bucks, with Ron Usem as emcee
--> Alan; for family in town from North Carolina and New York
--> Sam; for Lenny joining his Truestone Board, for daughter and grandson here, and for Nate and Alexa
--> Mark Magney; for his 2 kids in town, and a wedding engagement
Mary; her daughter (or grand-daughter?) is in town from Taiwan
--> Bill Sorteberg; for Summerfest, running in an obstacle race, , and thanks to Alexa for a great year.
--> Jacob; also for Summerfest, and thanks to Alexa; looking forward to 2017-18 as our President
--> Lenny; for a vacation coming up, and the Alexa thank you’s just keep rolling in
--> Terry; had a hand-off Happy Buck from Patty, who was happy for Pete for throwing pots, and for
--> Char; saw a sign at a church; “You Cannot be Grateful AND Grumpy” She gave Bill Yaeger a call!
--> Ron; ending his first full year in the club, happy for all the friendships and fun times.
--> Bill Yaeger; in response to Char; “Oh, yes you can!”
--> Christine; for Terry’s award, for Mark Marlin and Summerfest, for Alexa and Jacob, and for an article on recognition of Rotary’s Polio work.
--> Jennifer; also happy for Mark and Summerfest, and for Alexa, a great year
--> Ben; for Summerfest, for Alexa, and admitting he wouldn’t be as patient with a computer glitz
--> Cameron; Mom and sisters are out of town; “Guys Weekend!”
--> Jerald; Showed good judgement in NOT being happy for what Cameron was, 19th Anniv, and Alexa
--> Regina; for a good nights sleep, for Summerfest, and Purple Rain music
--> Mark Marlin; thanked the Summerfest committee for all their help; Great job, Mark
--> Frank; he and Dale will attend Food Shelf meeting at (?) Synagogue tomorrow, 5:00 PM
Contact Frank or Dale if you’d like to attend this talk.
--> Glen; for Alexa and all the members who make the club great, and for a Rainy Day (No deck work!)
--> Neal; for an upcoming niece’s wedding, in Texas .... some 900 miles from here..
--> Bob; for a great West Coast swing; wedding, graduation, birthdays, and getting ‘dapped’ by his 9-year old grandnephew, Miller. It’s a gesture of celebration, maybe one our club can adopt as our own.
--> Katie; tough choice, but chose her family over the club on Saturday; 60th Birthday! More whistles!
--> Chris Rosenlund; $20 (were $19 of those for every picture during the video?)
Chris spoke well for all of us, about gains in membership, giving, 2nd fundraiser, involvement, all under Alexa’s leadership.
--> Alexa; for her cousin helping so much, for her sister also having a baby, and for going home to ND for the 4th of July. She finished by telling us all that this has been a year like no other, and that she has ‘grown a ton’ Well, maybe not that much, but certainly growth is still occurring!

From the entire club, Alexa, a big thank-you for your leadership and creative meetings. It has been a great year, and as Chris said, the Club Flywheel is definitely spinning faster. (Whatever a flywheel is)
Best of everything in the upcoming year;