Meeting of June 7, 2017

Angela Eifert spoke to us today on starting a Rotaract Club in a Refugee Camp.
... and our Hopkins High School Scholarship recipient Lee Lehman and his father, Jerry.

Alexa rang the bell and we were off at 7:31am

Dale Feste opened the meeting with a nice Invocation based upon Albert Einstein. …. With the following thoughts …. Albert considered one of his greatest talents his imagination rather than his ability to learn…. And the things he achieved were done so because great men and woman preceded him and he built upon those successes.

Our guests were Lee Lehman, and his father, Jerry. Lee is our Hopkins High School Scholarship recipient. Lee was chosen because of his involvement at Hopkins High School as well as his involvement in Community Service. Lee played football throughout his Hopkins High School career and has volunteered at many hours in activities outside of school. Lee will go the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus, this Fall. He plans to study Psychology and Business.

--> Mac Hardin passed around the Polio Jug.
--> Mark Marlin and Katie Williams reviewed what is still needed for the Minnetonka Summerfest. There are still 4 slots open, please sign up. If you are scheduled to take the lesson for serving alcohol, it was suggested you don’t wait to the end. Mark said you need to wear hats if you are serving beverages at the event. If you don’t, he threatened us with hairnets.
--> The Progressive Dinner is tomorrow night, it starts at 5:00 at Mark and Tammy Magney’s home for appetizers. The main course is at Neal and Deb Enzenauer’s home, and we finish at Jon and Ann Wengronowitz’s for desert. ... see the announcement that Neal sends out for a map or be in touch with Neal.

Once again Cathy Carlson had the winning ticket for the raffle.
As luck would have it, she did not win the jackpot of money.

Happy Bucks:
--> Jacob is excited to go the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta this week-end. There are 5 members from our club going to the meeting. Terri Bonoff has graciously volunteered to host our club members for dinner one night at her home in Atlanta.
--> Christina is very excited, after 3 years of CAT scans checking for cancer, she had her Port removed. She is on her way to a cancer free life.
--> Char is excited that her home will go on the market for sale in the next few days. Pictures of her home are being taken this week-end, Bill Yeager volunteered to be in the pictures, Char graciously declined his offer. Char is also excited to bring her Grand-daughter to the Rotary International Convention with her.
--> Bill Yeager is excited that he was able to sell his Audi, he replaced it with a Honda Ridgeline.
--> Cathy Carlson is flying to Arizona to clean her condo this week-end.
--> Regina is excited to be at the meeting and to attend the Progressive Dinner.
--> Guy is excited for Christina’s news on the removal of her Port.
--> Katie is excited for the MTKA Rotary members who went the GED Graduation ceremony last week.
--> Ron was excited to live in the US where we are free. He and Mary watched a documentary this week-end on the Civil War in Aleppo and the travesties associated with it.
--> LaWayne is excited that she is wearing plaid.
--> Patty is excited that Lee Layman and his father were able to join us this morning.
--> Pete is excited that Bill Yaeger came to visit him in his office yesterday.
--> Bob Hersman is excited because he was able to go to the GED graduation ceremony. He is also excited for his sister, she is doing well with her cancer treatments. Bob and his siblings were able to meet at her house last week-end in Milwaukee.
--> Frank is excite to have our speaker with us today, Angela Eifert, from The American Refugee Committee.
--> Scott is excited that his wife is turning 60 years old. To celebrate, they are going to Windstock on Winstead, MN.
--> Alexa is excited that Nolan had fun playing with “Bobby”, aka Bob Hersman, at the GED ceremony. She is also excited about the trees Neal brought to her home to plant. Alexa was disappointed in that she had a new outfit on, she wanted to be the best dressed at the meeting today. However, Sam showed up in a bowtie and suit, Alexa was disappointed that she took second place.

Speaker: Angela Eifert on starting a Rotaract Club in a Refugee camp.

American Refugee Committee Organization works to provide opportunities and expertise to refugees in 12 different nations. June 20 is World Refugee Day.

Alexa closed the meeting at 8:33am