Meeting of March 1, 2017

Peggy Gaard, of Open Circle, received a grant from our foundation
.... pictured here with Patty and Lenny
Jeromy Darling and Jes Gilman of The Salvage Project spoke today, about how they are trying to impact young peoples lives.



Welcome: Alexa Rundquist / Pledge of Allegiance / 4-Way Test / Rotary Serving Humanity

Guests Today guests are: Doug Reichert and Peggy Gaard

Presiding Officer: Alexa Rundquist
Sergeant at Arms: Mark Magney, Cathy Carlson, Neal Enzenauer, Frank Babka, Bill Yaeger
Reporter: Ron Levitus
Greeters: Frank Babka; Guy Marzano
Invocator: Christine Leick
Happy Bucks: Dan Narr
Raffle: Edmond Wu; Bill Sorteberg
Arrange Program: Stacey Quinn
Speaker/Program: Jeromy Darling – The Salvage Project

--> St Patricks Day Social will be held March 15 5pm at Char’s House $10.00
--> Katie announced March 17th is 9th grade Career Day for North Jr. High. Speaker topics include: Marine Biology, MakeUp Artists, Surgeons and Veterans, Engineers and more
--> Ben Monnens reminded us to participate in March Maddness
--> Dale Feste reminded us that Tuesday, March 7th we look forward to our participation in the Empty Bowls fundraiser. clean up starts at 7pm
--> Minnetonka Rotary Foundation meeting is this evening at East View, Lenny Newman’s office, 5 p.m.

Raffle – Nancy Davis had the winning number but the Wild card is still hiding in the deck.

Happy Bucks - Dan Narr
--> Bill Yaeger showed off decorative scarf he received as a gift from a Ghanan Rotarian.
--> Jerald Stiele let us know a previous member will be returning to Rotary next week.
--> Lenny was happy related to our guests Peggy Gaard, and to Bob and Vicki Hersman,
--> Chris is happy for his dad in Snowmass
--> Jennifer St. Clair was happy for pulling together a successful Hopkins Education Foundation fundraiser.
--> Nancy is happy for visiting 3 clubs in Afghanistan and more.
--> Pete Giancola is happy to offer Jerald Stiele a business lead regarding an automobile associated with the slippery snowy day on the highways.
--> Mac was happy to announce 33 years of marriage to a wonderful wife with a mystery purse.
--> Guy happy to have made a contact on career day. He asked for us to forgive him for something but it did not make it into my notes.
--> Stacey is happy to have Jeromy Darling here as our speaker today.
--> Ron Usem is happy about a 50th anniversary party with a humorous outcome.
--> Happy Mary Tambornino is going to New York this week and in a light moment associated with Ron Usem’s party story hopes Ron will pick her up.
--> Lenny was happy to introduce Peggy Gaard of Open Circle Hopkins

--> 19th annual event has raised over $1M to date.
--> Tuesday, March 7th. 11 am to 7pm.
--> Come for dinner, music, soup and bread,and free bowls.
--> A Silent Auction offers art from local artists, including necklaces and other art.
--> You do not need to be present to win if you have a winning bid.
--> Minnetonka Rotary Club goes to work from 7 p.m. to approximately 8 p.m. for our annual cleanup roll in this important fundraising efforts.
--> Mac Hardin will once again be in charge of the vacuum. But don’t worry there are plenty of other tasks we work on together.

Our Guest Speaker: Jeromy Darling
Stacey Quinn introduced our guest Jeromy Darling, Jeromy introduced us to his associate, Jess, a masterly guitar repair specialist or luthier.
Jeromy’s The Salvage Project was a main talking point.

Jeromy spoke to us about his selfless efforts and successes to salvage the lives of many young adults. These are young men and women who’s lives have been broken by poor family situations, the lack of family, or behavior that lands them at the mercy of courts and jailers. They work to salvage these lives.

The center of their work is to introduce the power of musical instrumental to young people who may see the future as empty or threatening. Jeromy and Jess put repaired stringed instruments and a love for music into the hands, hearts and minds of these young folk. In short they provide “a space where young adults without a skill set or life direction can learn practical skills with various mediums.”

Jeromy performed artistically and passionately on his guitar. Our club responded enthusiastically not just for the music but for the cause.