Meeting of March 15, 2017

Our Speaker Cliff Robbins and his friend, John pictured with Scott Johnson.
Barb Westmorland, Tarrah Palm, Peg Kennan, and Dale Feste helped us to acknowledge, celebrate Empty Bowls success, and thanked us for our support.

Invocation by Mark Marlin:
Dear God,
Help us to remember that only you see the big picture and that your power far exceeds our limited imagination. Protect us from becoming satisfied with our own dreams. Instead lead us in your direction so that we might witness things happening in our lives that only be explained by your powerful presence. In your name we ask this ..... Amen.

--> Aaron
--> Linda Johnson
--> Paul Piarson
--> Cliff Robbins; speaker
--> John; Alexa’s friend
--> Barb Westmoreland; who is retiring from Empty Bowls!!
--> Peg Keenan; ICA Foodshelf
--> Tarrah Palm; Resource West

--> Tonight, at Char’s house, wear GREEN for St. Patty’s day celebration; beer, wine and Irish steak!
--> Jennifer St. Clair’s Dad passed away last week
--> Ben Monnen reminded us to sign up for MARCH MADNESS; the winner gets lunch w/ Ben and a $25 gift card. Feel free to donate to the Polio Plus jug, in lieu of the entry fee
--> Ron Usem and his Leprechaun wife, Mary generously said they would match the Happy Bucks, up to $1,500; this money would go to Empty Bowls. Immediately Dale Feste graciously contributed $500. The rest of the club donated $201, so the total contribution to Empty Bowls was $1,402. This was approved by the club members; to pass on to our foundation and then the foundation would write a check to Empty Bowls. With this amount, Minnetonka Rotary has donated over $9,500 and Barb Westmoreland said we are the premier donator.
--> District conference is Fri., 4/25/17; please register on line
--> The next Board meeting is on Thurs., March 23/17 at Dan Narr’s office. Alexa will send out a reminder, so she know how many to bring food for
--> Barb, Tarrah, and Peg talked about the Empty Bowls night. Many Thanks to all our volunteers that did a fantastic clean-up. Thanks to Frank Babka on his generosity and Dale Feste for all the help and donations since the beginning. Over 1000 bowls were made (Yea Pete and our other “potters”), 34 teachers helped, 318 volunteers, 1,517 bowls of soup were consumed and many great entertainers

Raffle: our newest and #57 member; Donna Ruekert was not able to draw the winning card after have the lottery portion completed …. $52 roll forward.
BTW: … Donna, we like new members to win because they keep coming back.

Happy Bucks:
1) Regina on getting to go to a sibling’s funeral in St. Louis
2) Christine; much happiness; guy, Bill Yaeger, Lenny, Jerald, Teresa, Stacy and Ron (sorry if I missed anyone)
3) Mark Magney; 10 days of Skiing coming up in Montana, Idaho and Colorado!!
4) Char; upcoming move and all she will donate
5) Lenny; for great time w/ Sam and their discussion about Trustone
6) Jacob; surviving PETS and he actually had a good time!
7) Stacey: for her great BEDAZZLED hat from Alexa
8) Scot N; on turning 50!
9) Mark Marlin; we get to TRASH Char’s house tonight
10) Devon; healthy parents
11) Neal; was happy that his phone that died was back in action with all resources recovered.
12) Ron; Sam’s birthday
13) Pete; that he has a real wife; but we still all think she is imaginary
14) Donna; on being our 57th member
15) Darlyne; was gone for 3 weeks; play and work and she missed us
16) Dane; 2 weeks in Costa Rica
17) Bill S.; likes spending Ron’s $ and on his 15th anniversary of his 50th B-day
18) Sam; meeting w/ Lenny, 10 days of upcoming travel w/ his Medicare card
19) Chris R; a fantastic High School hockey tourney and EP came in third for the second year in a row
20) Glen; for being half Irish and half Finnish
21) Alexa; PETS w/ Jacob and having her Dad take care of the kids

Speaker; Cliff Robbins:
--> Grew up in Midway, Alabama, outside Montgomery
--> While in Junior High; was inspired by the Rosa Park’s bus incident and the Civil Rights movement
--> After graduating from Merritt H S in 1962; joined the Navy and spent time in Europe
--> When he heard Martin Luther King on the radio; he was very inspired. MLK was just 28 years old
--> In 1963 he marched in Birmingham. Later that day he was harassed by klansman in a café.
--> Marched w/ his Mom in Selma, Alabama
--> Cliff’s made a statement; “the main ingredient of hate, is ignorance!”
--> Cliff had a an insight that he shared on when he encountered a gay sailor, who was being discharged. The sailor said that their situations were the same or similar. Cliff disagreed that he wasn’t anything like the gay sailor. And the sailor went on to add …. I get it the black man is different than the white man …. but my situation is really just an embarrassment and wrong. ....and that got Cliff thinking.