Meeting of March 22, 2017

Chris Carr received his Paul Harris award
.....and our newest member Donna Ruekert was inducted.

Invocation by Mary Tambornino;
On the day when your load seems too heavy and you stumble. May the ground beneath your feet dance to balance you. And when the ghost of loss is too much with you . May a flock of colors …. Green, red, indigo and azure blue come to distract and delight you. And when you are on a lake and the wind comes up threatening to capsize you. May a path of yellow moonlight bring you safely home . And may you have the nourishment of the earth the clarity of light, the fluency of the ocean and the protection of ancestors. … and may an invisible cloak of love wrap around you to help you mind your life
……. By John O’Donohue

Patrick “Packy” Mader
Theresa Kuvaas
Lillian Stiele

--> Dan Narr will be hosting Gilda’s Club “Imagine a Place Breakfast” on May 10th at the Doubletree in Bloomington. All are welcome to attend.
--> Chris R. awarded Chris Carr his Paul Harris Fellow pin. Chris is our 16th club member to be a P H fellow.
--> District Assembly is April 8th at Crown College in St. Boni
--> District Conference is April 28th at the Westin in Edina
--> Mtka Rotary Board meeting tomorrow at 7 AM at Gilda’s Club conference room
--> Bill Sorteberg helped to welcome our newest member Donna Ruekert to the club.

Happy Bucks
--> Christine is happy Guy is back and happy to have had a “girls” weekend at her house.
--> Guy is happy to be back from Mexico and enjoyed seeing and spending time with the Bensmans.
--> Char thanked three people for helping her with the March social at her house last week and had no-thanks to Mark Marlin for not trashing the house and parking on the neighbor’s lawn.
--> Mark Marlin was happy to be sitting next to the lovely Lillian because his mom’s name was Lillian (and I’m sure it’s also because she’s such darling child).
--> Katie William is happy that her daughter was home with her fiancé’ and they solidified some plans for the wedding.
--> Donna is happy to be #57!! And, her daughter has been accepted into grad school for speech pathology.
--> Cathy’s golden granddaughter cracked up the car and was grateful for Jerald and Pete for helping her out with the car and calming her down.
--> Dr. Bob was happy to be back to the club after is spending most of the winter in Tucson area and is happy to see four more new members since he left.
--> Jerald was happy to have Lillian with us today.
--> Lenny’s son was accepted to 2 grad schools and have his friend be with us today.
--> Dale announced that with help of Ron Usem and Mary Tambornino’s matching gift to Empty Bowls the Minnetonka Rotary’s contribution exceeded $10,000 – the largest single contribution to Empty Bowls. Ron said that it helps to have a rich wife J
--> King Petey is really excited about having to feed and shovel-after his daughter new horse and said something about leaving the gate open. He also decided that Alexa’s designer purse was not atomic coral in color, as advertised, but actually blaze orange.

Guest Speaker: Patrick “Packy” Mader
Packy is an elementary education teacher in Northfield Mn and was raised on a dairy farm outside of St. Boni Mn. He has written several children’s books and special coffee-table book titled Minnesota Gold. Minnesota Gold is a nicely illustrated book that is full of individual stories about Olympians for Minnesota. Packy has interviewed over 50 home grown athletes and preserves their inspiring stories in an beautifully bound and illustrated book .