Meeting of March 8, 2017

Our speaker today was Sheriff Richard Stanek pictured here with Jacob.


● Sergeant at Arms:, Cathy Carlson, Bill Yaeger
● Reporter: Ron Levitus
● Greeter: Frank Babka; Guy Marzano

Welcome by President Alexa
● Invocation: Jerald Stiele: On International Women’s Day he related the history of women in Rotary and the immense value they have added as members of the Club. See the full story in the March Rotarian.
● Pledge of Allegiance
● 4-Way Test
● 2017 /18 Rotary Theme: Rotary Serving Humanity

--> Our Speaker: Hennepin County Sheriff. Richard W. Stanek,
● Officer Tim Stout,
● Adam Hernke,
● Sean Seamsmoot,
● Tom Woodmanson,
● Shaylin Johnson... also with Brooklyn Park Rotary.
--> And More Guests:
● John Septer guest of Jerald, could be a recycled Rotarian.
● Donna Ruckert, guest of Pete ? , may be a new Rotarian.
● Ron Earhart from St. Louis Park Rotary
● Ben Leistikow, guest of Lenny

● Nancy: spoke about May 20th Walk the dog event on a Saturday
● Sara: March 15 Char’s House for St. Pattie’s Day Party.
● Mark Magney: Roses for Sale / Minnetonka Excelsior Club
● Ron Usem Noted the building’s “No guns allowed” sign in our building to the attention of Sheriff Stanek
Alexa: many topics….
● District conference at the Weston Galleria in Edina, this will include a flag ceremony for the Exchange Students. Registration located on the district website. - April 28th
● Board meeting March 23rd, at Gilda’s Club
● Board Meeting – March 23rd – Bylaws will be discussed
● Feedback on Food At the meetings can be given to Alexa, Katie or Mac
● Happy Bucks to follow generated $60 today

Raffle – Edmond Wu supervised and Bill Sorteberg got to draw and the winning card was not drawn….so dollars in the kitty for next week are $42.

HAPPY BUCKS: Dan Narr had happy bucks today
--> Alexa: Dad coming to take care of Kids, Jacob will give her a ride to PETS,
--> Neal: Spring weather prompted him to rework his deck. Got his deck done,
Lenny: His son accepted to Univ. of Iowa, is waiting to hear from other schools to which he auditioned.
--> Ben Leistikow< Lead canoe trip reunion for boys in his club,
--> Mary: is BACK in town from a big fun reunion in NY and happiest that Ron was there when she came back home …
--> Stanek thanked Jacob and Teresa and Auctioned off a special coveted Sheriffs Star Pin. Stacey Quinn won the pin with a $50 bid.
--> Regina is happy to be Sheriff Stanek’s favorite stalker?
--> Dale Feste is happy our Club went over the 8,000 mark for Empty Bowls
--> Somebody important: mentioned happy about National leagues of Cities and a brother is in town to celebrate with. ???
--> Katie: Congratulation to EB, Section final for Hopkins : Daughter competing to a complex skiing. event at Steamboat Springs that involves a horse, I think.
International Women's’ day: Frank Michelle Nunn cares Pres and 200 people
--> John Septer: Happy to be back and see everybody
--> Chris bid on a ceramic, had raised price and glad Ron and she were bidding on different items.
--> Alexa, And Stacey all were cleaning upstairs and Mac on the Vacuum,
--> Roger spoke about a new bowl perfect for his cat.
--> Sue: Grandfathers Rotary Pin was important to her. She is happy about Peewee Hockey.
--> Cathy related a story about one of her Golden Children on Spring Break, Called that a remote wasn’t working. Cathy was not believed when she told the Golden one that the batteris for it were in the fridge. They were there. Score one for Cathy.

Jacob Milner introduced our speaker of the day: Sheriff Stanek 27th Sheriff of Hennepin County.
● 34 years of service.
● Jacob also introduced the “21st Century Policing Group as his and our club’s guests.
● Brian and Shalin will Talk about Hennepin County
● We were all deputized for the day.

Stanek works for people and the County he spoke about the following:
● HIs department deals with55% of states Violent crime.
● 8 lines of business: 911 is important: answering 991, running, jail.
● Ron Usem been to his jail enough, the Sheriff chided.

Opoids Talking points:
● 6 groups to speak about Opioids: educate:
● 4 year term/contract.
● 11,000 employees.
● 40,000 people incarcerated 70% with drug addiction.
● 16 - 96 year olds have all been killed by opioids in 2016
● Drug overdose exceeds car deaths
● 60,000 lb of prescription drugs destroyed in the last three years
● un-used, un-wanted, expired….destroy them
● Deterra bags are used (and Katie delivered a box for us to see and use) to destroy drugs
● New law allows Naloxone. Narcan was mentioned. It is like Naloxone not full medical treatment.

Hennepin County Sheriffs association.
● Shaylin Johnson a risk management professional
● The opioid prevention is a loss prevention program.
● Go to the
● “The Hennepin County Sheriff Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to strengthening public safety through youth-based (programs).
● Town Hall Meeting are scheduled for 22 school districts.
● Suggested that Doctors over-prescribed

Meeting was adjourned a little late at 8:33am