Meeting of May 10, 2017

Carmen Carruthers, our speaker from the Citizens Utility Board

Meeting called to order (good luck with THAT) by President Alexa.

Invocation by Tony Newman
The paths of our lives are filled with peaks and valleys. When we are on the top of our peaks, we become so self satisfied that we tend to ignore the things of importance. When we are in a valley, we feel a sense of abandon and again can focus only on what is directly ahead. Remind us, as You do in nature, that above the tree line the mountain-tops are barren and only in the valleys can we find the opportunity for true growth. Amen. …….Ronald Hanson, Rotary Club of Cloquet, MN USA D5580

Rachel Anderson (attended our Open House last week),
Jim Benshoof from Crystal/ New Hope
Carmen Carruthers, our speaker from the Citizens Utility Board

--> Jim Benshoof, promoting their Elmer’s Rotary Golf Classic on Tuesday, June 6 at Edinborough GC
Like us, selling $10 raffle tickets. Golf at 12:30 AND a painting class for the non-golfers.
--> Neal; Next Social Event is the Progressive Dinner on Thursday, June 8. Social event of THE YEAR!.
5pm at Magney’s home, then Enzenauers, then Wengronowitz, venue change every 90 minutes.
--> Katie; Summerfest on Saturday, June 24. You will se a Sign-Up site on-line. She filled her complement of 10 Rotarians this AM, to be trained in alcohol serving. Still need total of 48, so SIGN UP.
Also, Barb Westmoreland Retirement Open House TODAY at HHS Cafeteria, 4:00-6:30
--> Chris Carr; Original Fundraiser Kick-off meeting was LAST night, we’re underway for SEPT 14.
--> Alexa; Helping Paws event is coming up (date?)
Send her your suggestions for Rotarian of the Year award, and comments.

Big Pot today, $159. Dane is chosen, but alas, the Joker remains behind. 10 cards for next week!

Happy Bucks; with Dale Feste
--> Regina; Happy to be giving out hugs as Greeter today, and her delayed 2nd $1 for her son’s 13th Anniversary
--> Tony; for the nice weather, and riding his old motorcycle, and the great sound of it. Nice and LOUD.
--> Dane; for Cutco’s busy season, the young sales people, including young Evan Newman, back from school.
--> Ben; going fishing on Saturday Opener, and he hit the Perfecta at the Kentucky Derby; $4100 winner. WOW!
--> Cathy; for Gerald AND Tony helping her with some car problems; gotta have these 2 guys in the club.
--> Devon; for going to Boston soon, his DC Capitals doing well, and his very happy Mother.
--> Stacey; despite Guy being absent today, he invited Rachel Anderson to join us, and Mother’s Day.
--> Darlyne; very sorry, Darlyne, I missed it. But we know you’re happy.
--> Katie; for being co-Rotary Presidents with Jim Benshoof, and her husband safely home from his Salmon River rafting trip. Good thing Frank and Bob’s warnings were AFTER he came back.
--> Jim Benshoof and Frank; they have worked together on a Rotary water project in Bolivia.
--> Rachel Anderson; for her son’s book writing, and proceeds going to SOS animal rescue and shelter
--> Mac; he got his trunk opened, with guess who, Tony. Son Kevin happy for HIS loud exhaust pipes.
--> Bob; for both his sister, and his daughter’s Significant Other, getting VERY good cancer reports
--> Molly; for her 89 year old mother, and 2 sons home from school and Guatemala. She also appreciates Frank’s water project help, and being in the club about 1 year.
--> Bill S; he is linking up the 4-Way Test today with the observation that our most frequent raffle winner (we all know who) was seen holding 3 Jokers this morning. Fair to all concerned?? Hmmmm
--> C.Carr; for Mother’s Day, for $500 to a cancer fundraiser, for a 1st communion, and for cursive writing
--> Donna; for better sleep, for a daughter home from Chicago, and a son’s Master’s degree in Education
--> Mary; for a granddaughter’s college grad, and her daughter’s birthday on 5/14. Born on a Mother’s Day.
--> Alexa; for shrimp and grits in Atlanta, for Nolan’s successful surgery, and for Nate tilling the garden.
--> Dale thanks us for another Happy Rotary morning, about $110 towards Building Responsible Youth.

Our Speaker today, Carmen Carruthers from the Citizens Utility Board (CUB)

* CUB is an independent non-profit, which looks out for utilities consumers.
* They serve all of Minnesota, mostly Metro, but reaching out statewide electronically.
* CUB’s task is for affordable, clean, and reliable energy.
* They do much work in policy and regulations at the Capitol, and with outreach and education.
* They will perform 1:1 consults with families to reduce their costs.
* She showed us examples of Xcel and Center Point bills, what they mean, and what we’re paying for.
* Homes consume about 21% of energy used, average about 3% of budgets.
* It is regressive, in that lower income families might pay much higher %. 50% of our usage is for heating and cooling alone.

Carmen discussed several costs, which are part of affordability (low income), efficiency (new sources of Energy), interim rates (proposed increases) and other optional programs. There are ways we can reduce our bills, such as the Residential Saver Switch, which turns our A/C off at times in the summer.

Carmen recommends the quick and easy changes first, getting an energy audit, LED bulbs, ceiling fans.
Do you know if your fan should be CW or CCW in the summer and winter? I certainly didn’t.
Thank you, Carman, for a very informative talk.

Exit bell by Alexa at 8:35

Submitted by Bob Hersman