Meeting of May 17, 2017

Terry Esau of Free Bikes for Kids ( FB4K) was our speaker today. He wove his interesting life’s story that led to FB4K and giving away over 5,000 bikes last year. ….

Meeting called to order by Pres-Elect Jacob

Invocation by Terry Schneider
We are thankful for this day that you have given us, for its blessings, its opportunities, its challenges. May we appreciate and use each day that comes to us. We pray for strength and guidance for each day as it comes, for each day’s duties, for each day’s problems. May we be challenged to give our best always, and may we be assured of your presence with us ..... Amen

Terry Esau, our Speaker this morning, invited by Jennifer
Chelsea Ritland, with Katie, from the Adult Basic Education Program (A.B.E)
Michele Seitz, with, Pete, from MHS Student Volunteer Program, and a Club Foundation recipient
Aleza Mandel, with Patty, home from Drake Univ; a Club Foundation scholarship winner last year
Steve Fredericks, former club member AND past-President, visiting from Montana

Rotary Board Meeting tomorrow (Thursday 5/18) at Gilda’s Club, 7:00 AM
Neal; Progressive Dinner Thursday, June 8, starting at 5:00 at Magney’s home. Sign Up
Char; Wags, Walk, and Run Event; Saturday, May 20 at Round Lake Park, EP 8:30 AM
Katie; A.B.E. Graduation on June 6, 7:00 PM Hopkins Center f/t Arts
(see Chelsea’s comments further down)
Mark Marlin; Summerfest sign-ups, Event on Saturday, June 24
Alexa; please continue getting your nominations to her for Rotarian of the Year

Stacey sold Mr. Marlin was the winner with 10 tickets, only 10 cards left. Guaranteed WINNER $210

Happy Bucks, with Pete
--> Bill Y; Great time at Gilda’s Club Breakfast last week; better than Wed Rotary?? OK, one day, maybe Happy that, with Dan’s guidance, they raised $301,000 Way to Go!
--> Karen; also complimenting Dan for his work, at Gilda’s Club
--> Patty, for Aliza and Michelle here today, for Mother’s Day fun, and a bike ride.
Also, for putting her name on file to run for Mtka City Council
--> Donna; you’ll recall her son graduated, NOW he has a JOB teaching 4th grade!, Also, a new client
--> Cathy; the Golden Child (which one?) this one graduated in Physical Therapy from St. Kates
--> Neal; Happy that he has lived in Mtka for 31 years, 293 days…. On May 20th half of his lifetime.
--> Sara; $20 in a plastic bag from Hwy 7, her new badge AND new Name, and for Mark’s degree
In Electrical Engineering. Also, leaving for Italy tomorrow.
--> Alan; for his oldest, and wonderful, son, David, being so helpful. And David’s new baby on the way.
--> Guy; also for Gilda’s Club with Dan; 900 people at the event.
--> Katie; for Chelsea here today, and for her 4 children on Mother’s Day
--> Bill S; for Mother’s Day, his son flew in, and his daughter graduated. Also, big fishing trip up next.
--> LaWayne; for Mother’s Day, a party that went on, and on; 3:00AM? Now THAT’S a party
--> Ron; for Grandma Maxine in New Jersey, got to care for Leo, the grand (great?) son.
--> Sam; for his Dad in Scottsdale, and him holding grandson Bennet; 88 years apart
--> Mark Marlin; $20 for his raffle win today, and for Mother’s Day
--> Steve; for his kids; a journeyman pipefitter, and another who graduated from Montana U
--> Bob; for those who serve; a 91-year WWII vet, and a 20 year-old soldier, honored at Twins game
--> C. Rosenlund; for a ‘hot’ confirmation at the Basilica, and today is the last day of Mentoring at
Eisenhower. Also, for the time spent with Katie, Ron Usem, and Dan and the By-Laws update
--> Jennifer; for Terry here to speak, and her daughter home from school
--> Pete; For MULTIPLE cars fixes with Tony, and fishing with his brother
--> Jacob; great time at Gilda’s Club

Quick Talks;
Chelsea Ritland heads up the Adult Basic Education, which serves HHS, MHS and SLP. It educates 1900 adult students, from 91 countries, and with 60 languages. The G.E.D is a difficult test to pass, especially with those challenges. This year, 27 will ‘Walk’, on Monday, June 5 at 7:00 at the Hopkins Center f/t Arts. Our club has identified this program as a big part of our Visioning program, and it would be great to have several of us on hand that evening. Try to make it; It’s a Great Night.

Michelle Seitz is at MHS in K-12 and heads the Student Volunteer program. Seniors Serve is a two-way street where businesses and students find each other for volunteering. It is not mandatory, but they have a 90% participation. Our club made a grant to this program.

Aleza Mandel just finished her 1st year at Drake University, studying entrepreneurship and marketing. She was here last year with the HHS choir, and is still very grateful to our club for the scholarship.

Today’s Speaker;
Terry Esau with Free Bikes For Kids (FB4K) ….

Terry told us of his interesting past and path, with college, teaching music, writing jingles for advertising, which finally led to a 25-year career doing that. He has written a couple thousand jingles, but the ‘cow-pie’ job made him re-think his future. He loves biking, and became aware of the thousands of bikes sitting in garages, as well as so many kids who can’t have them. With his biking friends, and through KARE-11, he rounded up, repaired and gave away 250 bikes the first year.

The next year 750, and the next year 1500 led to this FB4K Program. They are in 3 cities, with more to come, even other countries. FB4K has donated over 38,000 bikes. It is efficient, only needs volunteers for 2 months/year, and yet can receive over 5500 bikes in ONE DAY! A Guinness record.

FB4K promotes corporate and social responsibility, employee and volunteer experience, and they have FUN doing it. FB4K could use our help, in distributing bikes.

Great program, Terry, and as someone told you, ‘You can dream BIG as easily as dream small”.
Because of your work, thousands of kids will remember their 1st Bike.

Submitted by Bob Hersman