Meeting of May 24, 2017

There were a lot of presentations and awards today.
Dale Feste 5 time Paul Harris, Sue Krueger our newest Paul Harris.... with Chris presenting.
Alan Law, The Sandwich Man, with Stacey and Lenny, Pat Anderson of Helping Paws with Char and Patty.

--> 7:34am Alexa with the Bell calls us to order.

Invocation: Mac shares Good Stuff.

1) Pat Anderson of Helping Paws a grant recipient.
2) Alan Law: grant recipient as the Sandwich Guy.

1) Tony is kicking off the polio jug.
2) Neal promotes the progressive dinner….. June 8th start time 5pm
3) Mark promotes the Summerfest sign-up.
4) Char gives a report on last weekend’s Helping Paws event where $24,000 were raised.

1) Lenny introduces Pat Anderson / Helping Paws.
2) Stacy introduces Alan Law/Sandwich Guy.

Raffle conducted by Sue and Chris R. comes up empty on the draw.

Paul Harris recognition:
1) Sue is newest Paul Harris Fellow.
2) Dale is a 5 time Paul Harris Fellow .

Happy Bucks:
1) Stacy: Alan Law;
2) Dan announces Community Builder Award;
3) Sue thanks Stacy for covering Rotary obligations.
4) Roger happy for dog at home.
5) Chris enjoyed 2.5 hours of school choir choir concerts.
6) Bill’s daughter graduates Saturday.
7) Regina visit a West Bend, IA brothel or grotto.
8) Molly heading to cabin for family time.
9) Cathy’s golden grandchild is America’s newest Dr.
10) Char spent time with grandson at MSP Airport.
11) Ron L to spend time with grandson.
12) Patty visits Bird Island in a family tribute.
13) Terry attends ribbon cutting of Zvago.
14) Lenny enjoyed Helping Paws walk.
15) Sam grateful for the miracle of hearing aids.
16) Jacob enjoyed lunch with Nancy.
17) Jerald visits Grandma in IA gaining a century of wisdom.
18) Pete has words for Tony.
19) Alexa due Nov’17.

Alexa interviews Jacob, our new President. We learn of family and friends and the bucket list filled with travel adventures.