Meeting of May 3, 2017

Jose in the center with his host families and Mark on the right.

While Pres Alexa is away, meeting was called to order by Jacob

Invocation from Chris Carr …. Spring:
While we wait……and wait…..and wait impatiently for the weather to turn, let us think spring thoughts. Let us think about our Rotary President-Elect preparing to take the reins of our club. Let us think about our club goals and the role each of us plays to make the world a better place through our involvement in The Minnetonka Rotary. Let us think about opportunities to serve in new ways. Let us be thankful for the food and the friends around this table. Let us be thankful that spring will come eventually. Amen.

The host families of Jose, our exchange student, were all here today
Susan; Marty and Sue and Gabe; Stacey

--> Chris Carr; Kickoff Fund Raiser Meeting, Tuesday May 9th, 5:00 PM at Tuttles. All are invited
--> Bill Sorteberg; Annual Open House for Membership, TONIGHT, 5:00-7:00 at The Gold Nugget
--> Mark Marlin; Summerfest, Sat June 24 from 4:00-10:30 at Mtka City Hall. Sign up for a 2-hour shift with Katie, either on-line or next week. Only those who serve beer will need some orientation.
--> Char; Barb Westmoreland is retiring from HHS; there is a reception at HHS on Wed June 10. Time?
--> Nancy; Polio Year is complete! Thanks to all who contributed, see $$ below.
--> Chris Rosenlund; The RI Fund Year is ALSO complete, the check is in the mail!
Big Year; $2,726 for Polio and $30,411 in Total. Both exceeded goals, and are new records!

Raffle; Patty says $130 in the pot, Jose draws his own number, but NO Joker among his cards. Too Bad

Happy Bucks, with Shakedown Extraordinaire Guy working the room
--> Guy; Happy his bride is here today
--> Alan; his GRANDdaughter’s baby was 1 year old, big happy group.
--> Glen; also visiting his granddaughter in San Francisco. He visited a Rotary Club there, happy for our size club.
--> Chris Carr; $8, for 6 Twins homers last night, for the Hwy 7 cleanup, and the Paul Harris dinner.
--> Bill S; for Mark Magney ‘taking him out to the Ball Game’ last night.
--> Jennifer; $1 for giving an $18,000 check to the Hopkins Education Foundation, with Ron as photographer, and $1 for getting her car back from Jerald, all fixed and cleaned up.
--> Mark Magney; for 28 Mtka Rotarians cleaning up Hwy 7 on Saturday
--> Darlyne; for a Rotary meeting in Washington DC at the University Club (I think) where they gave $5000 to a visiting club from Rome, Italy, for some storm damage they had.
--> Ron Usem; Hwy 7 must be very clean, light work this year. (he should have joined OUR section)
--> Mark Marlin; his golf league is up and running
--> Ann; Our Wild Animal expert, no big bodies on Hwy 7, just a few mice. EEEK!, say she and Sarah. Also, happy that Rick Ellingson is back.
--> Wade; For the Paul Harris dinner, with Char and Chris
--> Fred; for his son graduating from medical school; Big Deal!
--> Ron; $1 for all the happiness in this club
--> Char; $1 for her house on the market, with Scott’s help, and $1 for St. Gabriel’s hauling away her toxic stuff!
--> Cathy; for Hwy 7 cleanup, and learning which dead bodies to leave, and which to call 911.... luckily they didn't call 911.
--> Bill Y; for 1 more seat available at his table for Gilda’s Club Gala; wouldn’t have to sit RIGHT next to Bill
--> Lenny; $1 for breakfast with Mac Baby, and him helping him haul away carpet. Also for his grandson’s 1st baseball game tonight.
--> Regina; for Hwy 7, and learning which Rotarians will NOT be cleaning her house. By the way, this reporter says that Regina wins best-dressed award for going into ditches. AND her remote control picker-upper.
--> Bonnie; for the best time of the year; trees and leaves are coming out.
--> Stacey; $5 for being back with the club. Also thankful for all Jose’s host families.
--> Frank; that his Aunt Betty has recovered from her hospital stay, and is back home
--> Theresa; for her 6 year-old’s cast coming off, and her 8 year-old’s First Communion
--> Christine; for Lenny, possibly over using the grandson 1st baseball game excuse, and being with the ‘Guys’
--> Roger; remembered to bring his change jar from home, just in time today to start our new year for Polio $$
--> Pete; $1 for being ‘gone fishing’ next week (Big Applause!) and $1 for Jerald spending time with 1 (or more) people with special needs.
--> Jerald; thank you for the work, Jennifer, and $15 for 15 years in Club and a child’s 15th birthday.
--> Mac; that his son Kevin is safely back from Nepal
--> Rick Ellingson; glad to be back, and being better at craps than bowling in Las Vegas.
--> Nancy; not necessarily happy, but relieved that her father’s suffering is over, at age 90.
--> Host Mom, Sue; happy to be hosting Jose, and for positive results for chemo therapy in the family
--> Jacob; $3, for District Conf, for a Club US Bank account closed, and tonight’s Open House.
--> Regina; forgot to thank Jerald for his help planting her spring tulips and crocuses (would that be croci?)

And THAT, Mtka Rotarians, is 33 Happy Members today, if you count Regina twice. Thank you for the $$.

Our Speaker today was Jose from Chile ... kind of a quiet guy.

- From Calama, Chile
- Population 200,000 people
- Future plans are college in Augusta …. wants to be a Math Teacher
- Long Hiway in Chile … North to South
- Both parents Obstetricians / Gynecologists
- Speaks Spanish / English
- Uses Facebook / Whatsup
- Uses Cell Phones in Chile … not tesxting so much
- At Home in Chile
- His friends are Pablo and Eric
- Classroom …. he has same classmates for 4 years
- His Hobby is Music
- He enjoys Rock Climbing
- His Experience This year in Minnesota
- Skiiing / Halloween / Hockey --> went to a Wild Game
- HIgh School sporting events
- Track and Field
- Special Olympics
- Weather in Minnesota was interesting
- Favorite Food ….the Minnesota delicacy Corn Dogs
- Met other exchange student from Columbia
- Calama is city he lives with 200,000 people
- Antofagasta is a coastal city he spends time
- Arid mountains, some with snow

Submitted by Bob Hersman