Meeting of May 31, 2017

Chris Carr was our speaker today discussing “The Original Fundraiser”
Lenny with Mathew Burg, who was awarded the 2017 Minnetonka High School Scholarship

7:36am Alexa with her Bell calls the room to order.

Invocation: Ann opens with A Prayer for World Peace:
We pray for the power to be gentle. the strength to be forgiving, the patience to be understanding, and the endurance to accept the consequences of holding to what we believe to be right. May we put our trust in the power of good to overcome evil and power of love to overcome hatred. We pray for the vision to see and the faith to believe in a world emancipated from violence, a new world where fear shall no longer lead others. Help us to devote our whole life and thought and energy to the task of making peace, praying always for the inspiration and the power to fulfill the destiny for which we were created …. Amen.

1) Matt Berg ISD 276 Minnetonka High School scholarship recipient.
2) Kira visiting with mom (Therese) and also will be having her cast removed.

Raffle conducted by Sue and Kira draws Mark F’s numbers who comes up empty on the draw.

1) Mac introduces polio jug pathway.
2) Neal promotes the progressive dinner.
3) Alexa comments on Pete receiving an award at the Shakopee Rotary.
4) Bob announces the GED Graduation 7pm, June 5th at Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts.

Jennifer collects Happy Bucks:
1) Jennifer’s daughter graduates from Hopkins
2) Jacob at 33 finally wins the poker pot.
3) Mark F thanked Bill and CFS for the furniture in their remodeled space.
4) Guy got in some travel with family and thanked Alexa for going the extra mile.
5) Bill at the cabin with family.
6) Darlyne announces funeral directors have more fun.
7) Chris C 8th wedding anniversary and spent 2 precious days with daughter.
8) Bob spent time with his sister and two brothers.
9) Mac had something to do with the 276 scholarship student.
10) Lenny was glad Matt Berg was at Rotary, spent family time in Chicago for wedding, last tuition bill paid.
11) Ron fished on the Mississippi.
12) LaWayne planted the gardens and met a fawn.
13) Frank visited Nebraska for a family reunion.
14) Regina thanked Jerald again for planting tulips.
15) Dane’s daughter turned 9 months old, Cutco set record for top sales month in May.
16) Devon’s grandma passed and he gains another heirloom photo of Mr. Welk.
17) Ann had two bear stories to add to the collection.
18) Kira is getting a cat named Oppey.
19) Alexa Grateful for the Mtka Rotary and the differences from Shakopee.

Presentation: Lenny introduces soon to be Minnetonka graduate Matt Burg who will be attending Georgia Technical Institute for Engineering and hopes to play club hockey.

Feature Presentation: Chris C speaks on the Original Fund Raiser and those responsible for the various committees.

Secondary Speaker: Mark Marlin talking about Summerfest and the need for more volunteers ... end result was six people volunteered to help out in two minutes.

The Bell rang again at 8:31am ending our meeting.