Meeting of September 20, 2017

Much going on today ... Bob with our speaker Senator Eric Paulson . Floarine was inducted in as our newest member, shown here with Bill and Frank. Chris presented Jim Martin with a Paul Harris award and Karen Hoppe was also a Paul Harris award recipient.

Meeting called to order at 7:35 a.m.

Invocation – Glenn
We are grateful, O God, for the privilege of offering ourselves for service.
Give us: • Open minds, • A clear understanding and a steady purpose to make the most of our talents, • And lead us into the fields of work where we can best serve you. ..... Amen

Senator Erik Paulson & assistant
Jim Martin, prior member
Suzanne Lundeen Abrhams
Sean Hagerty

New Member:
--> Bill & Frank welcomed a new member to our club - Floarine.
Floarine is a past Paul Harris Fellow as well as Past President in another Rotary Club. We are excited to have her join our group!

The Velvet Hammer Presentation … Rotary International Foundation.
--> Chris R launched the Rotary International Fund campaign for the current year. Last year $121 million was given to the Annual Fund and $27 million to Polio Plus. The dollars are held for 3 years and then a portion of these dollars come back to 5950 district. The remainder goes to other projects. Last year $76 million was given in global grants and total assets exceed $1 billion. Matching grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others have helped to increase the endowment over time.
Our club is in the top 4 out of 60 clubs in the 5950 district! Last year we exceeded $500 per individual and our total gift including the Polio Plus donation was $30K. Our goal this year for the general fund only is $30K. Our club should have no problem reaching this goal as we have more members this year than last.
What does it mean to be a Paul Harris Society Member: a commitment to give $1,000 per year every year.

--> Jacob shared a copy of the proposed by-laws with everyone at the meeting today. If you did not get a copy, make sure to reach out to Jacob to get one.
--> Alexa let the group know that the Rotary Foundation Board meetings will be held at Dunn Brothers on Highway 7 by the General Store. Please let her know if you plan to attend the meetings below so she can be sure there is enough space in their meeting room for the group.
Upcoming Foundation Board meeting dates: 10/4 at 6:00 p.m. and 12/6 at 6:00 p.m.
--> Kathy asked if anyone knew Mark Franklin as he won a tools. No one spoke up, so they are available for $55. She also has other auction items that are still available. Thank you to those who volunteered to buy the remaining bottles of wine. You know who you are :)
--> Glenn reminded the group of a volunteer opportunity on Saturday 11/11 at Free Bikes for Kids. He is looking for 15 people. He also let the group know that if 11/11 doesn't work, anyone can sign up for a different date by going to the website at Free Bikes for Kids #4.
--> Jennifer announced that the first Loaves & Fishes volunteer opportunity will be at St. Gabrielle's on Tuesday 10/17. Watch for more details.

James Martin and Karen Hoppe were recognized as Paul Harris Fellows at the meeting.

Raffle by Char:
Ryan's ticket was picked again but no luck. Make sure to buy tickets next week for a chance to win.

Happy Bucks - Lenny
--> Guy was happy that Suzanne Lundeen Abrams joined us today as a guest!
--> Dr. Ruth was happy he was no longer the newest member!
--> Ben really enjoyed the Thursday golf outing and that he could let Dane know that he was happy to supply him with a new Precept because Dane lost his on hole 5 in the water..... Ben went on to add that Ryan told Dane that Precept are womans balls.
--> Dane responded with a happy buck thanking him for the Precept because they were his lucky balls.
--> Chris C thanked everyone for a wonderful Golf Event. He was also really thankful that his wife made it back from Italy because of all the opportunities to enjoy to excess.
--> Ryan was happy because Dane almost won the women's longest drive event with his Precept.
--> Devon was happy for a wonderful Saturday evening with family.
--> Regina welcomed our newest member, Florian, to the Minnetonka Rotary family.
A big thank you to Kathy for doing all the work for the silent auction at the golf tournament.
--> Dr. Bob - big shout out to Judy Peterson for planning his big trip to Canada.
--> Neal – happy arriving home safely after 800 miles of travel.
--> Floarine - happy to be joining the club.
--> Jim - happy to be back as a guest and he might be reconsidering joining us as a member in the future.
--> Sam - Grandson Leo picture he took was the True Stone winner!
--> Katie - welcome to our newest member and a thank you to everyone for the help with the silent auction this year.
--> Ann - thankful everyone liked her painted flags.
--> Lenny - Thankful that he sold his house!
--> Jacob - A big thank you to everyone for all the work on the wonderful golf event.

Speaker: Senator Paulson - known as the Math Guy - became a congressman in 2008. Currently sits on the House Ways and Means Committee.

Eric Paulson highlighted the following:
--> 1986 - last tax reform. Working to do tax reform before the end of the calendar year.
--> 2008 - great recession. Minnesota was less impacted than other states but he believes that we need to reform the tax code to encourage businesses to stay in the US.
--> Small business is struggling and a less complex tax code would benefit everyone.
--> He discussed concern for our young people today and how through continued collaboration we can help those that are more at risk.
--> Human Trafficking - Senator Paulson called out all the work that Senator Klobuchar has done around this issue. There are so many victims. At a future meeting we have a speaker that will devote their entire presentation to this growing problem in Minnesota and throughout the country.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:32 a.m.