Meeting of September 27, 2017

Heather McGannon, our speaker today told us of her organization that is educating young people and parents about non college life paths. Our newest member Floraine is pictured with out newest exchange student, Fares Boubred ….. and it turns out that they both speak French.

President Jacob Millner called the meeting to order at 8:32am

Invocation was by Scott Johnson:
Dear Lord ……. We gather together here today intent on doing good work. We seek to represent fairly and well, those who have given us this task. May our efforts be blessed with insight, guided by understanding and wisdom. We seek to serve with respect for all. May our personal faiths give us strength to act honestly and well in all matters before us..... Amen

Cathy Carlson’s “Rotary Minute” reminded the group that Rotarians are to embrace diversity and welcome, as members, persons of varying races and ethnicity.

--> Fares Boubred, our exchange student from France….who spoke to us briefly and did a very good job in his first conversation with us.
--> Sean Haggerty of Citizens Bank
--> Chris from the South Minneapolis Club told us of their fundraiser for the Ngong Road
--> Pat Selchow of the Apple Valley club told us of his raffle to win a new Ford Fusion.

Bill Sorteberg’s number was drawn, which gave him the opportunity to attempt to win the $58 raffle. He failed to draw the winning card, however.

Happy Bucks:
--> Sara Edwards had a good time in Washington, D.C.
--> Cathy Carlson presented Jerald Stiele with “velvet hammer coffee”
--> Char Murphy was happy that Highway 169 is now open. Her happiness was joined by Guy Marzano, Alexa Rundquist, Chris Rosenlund, Regina Reed, and Ann Wengronowitz
--> Jerald Stiele was definitely not happy that Highway 169 has re-opened.
--> Scott Nagel had a good time in Dallas last week while attending a wedding.
--> Roger Johnson’s birthday is today.
--> Ann Wengronowitz enjoyed her 40th year high school reunion. She and her husband are also on tap to babysit grandkids while her daughter and son-in-law take a trip.
--> Lenny Newman thanked various Rotarians for their help in some personal business of his – presumably related to the sale of his house and purchase of a townhome.
--> Jerald Stiele is happy that his office remodeling is now complete
--> Jacob Millner noted that he won a bet with Pete Giancola, who laminated the prize money before giving it to Jacob. Jacob also got a new t-shirt from his college that he was proud to show us.
--> Alexa Rundquist reminded Rotarians of Patty Acomb’s birthday tomorrow.

Speaker: Heather McGannon from the Minnesota Dept. of Labor spoke on the department’s “pipeline program” Their purpose is to address current and future workforce needs, particularly for

--> advanced manufacturing,
--> agriculture,
--> health care services
--> information technology.

The focus is for employers to give workers the skills that employers need using such things as apprenticeships and occupation awareness within their industries.