Meeting of September 6, 2017

Vocationals today were provided by Rick Ellingson and Cathy Carlson.
They were informative as are all of our members about their history and aspirations.

Meeting called to order at 7:30 a.m.

Invocation - Jacob
Today, may we be open to others’ ideas and beliefs, respectful of our differences, not threatened by them. May we grow in understanding of our own motives, knowing that people often act out of their own fears. May we be a force for replacing fear with insight, helping us all to be patient and kind as we talk. Strength, real strength, can always find compromise, working together, may we find common ground, enable us to move forward with a shared purpose. May we see what is truly important and unites us, focusing on that, to banish road blocks of ego and fear, today, may I be open to others’ ideas and beliefs......Amen

Presentation .... Rotary Minute by Cathy Carlson
Cathy discussed the District 5950 political discussion guidelines. We must refrain from being partisan. We should be respectful of everyone and should be careful of sharing political opinions as they might be hurtful to someone else. Kathy wanted everyone to remember that partisan viewpoints are not acceptable......Thank you Kathy for continuing to remind us all of the District 5950 guidelines.

Cameron.... son of Jerald
Ron Erhart.... is getting to be a regular

--> Jennifer - we need volunteers for the golf event on 9/14. Please sign up as soon as possible for a shift that works for you.
--> Alexa - We will be assembling baskets for the golf event at my home on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome.
--> Rotary Foundation Board Members:
Alexa - President
Glenn - Treasurer
Karen - Secretary
--> Polio jug is going around - please remember every penny counts.
--> Bob let the group know that we have lots of golfers signed up for the event. We can't go over 80, Please make sure to finalize your groups.
--> Glenn let the group know that on 11/11 we have an opportunity to volunteer for Bikes for Kids. More information will be announced at future meetings.
--> Jacob announced we have a new member - Floarian.
-->Remember to turn in your silent auction items to Kathy and your raffle tickets sold or unsold to Gerald by Wednesday of next week.
-->Haiti Water Bike Ride 17 or 31 miles on 9/19.

Raffle $114 - no winner this week.

Happy Bucks - Lenny...Raised $42 for building responsible youth
Bob thanked Mark Forsberg for the Culligan Water at the Fair.
Rick gave the 5950 group greetings from Rotary in Scotland.
Chris Carr - Happy that is 1 week to the Fundraiser
Char - Sold her house special thank you to Scott and Ryan
Ryan - Happy that Char sold her house
Chris - Happy that Dr. Bob's prescription worked
Cathy - Happy to welcome their exchange student from France. Also has bought 7 of the 15 Indian dresses she needs for the Wedding
Bill - Jacobs invocation was great and also happy that we will have a glorious weather day on 9/14.
Alexa - happy to have survived the fair with 2 small children
Ron - very happy that Mark Forsberg's dog is not his! Family in town and went to the fair with Leo and he talked all about the "big bus"!
Lenny - purchased a townhome and house is going on the market on Thursday 9/7!
Jacob - moved into a new townhome over the weekend and appreciated all the moving help.

Vocationals by Rick Ellingson & Cathy Carlson

--> Rick Ellingson, CPA <--
Rick owns his own firm they specialize in small businesses with income of less than $10 million in assets and less than 20 employees.
Hobby is Golf
Graduate of Edina HS and Luther College
Five Sisters - 3 work for the firm.
Rick is extremely philanthropic and has and is on many boards in the community.

--> Cathy Carlson, business women extraordinaire <--
Cathy started Carpet King and currently owns Restwell mattress company that sells to people like Kevin Garnett who ordered a 12x12 foot mattress !
Cathy went to Catholic Boarding School in 9th grade and became "Kathy" as there were two Katerine's in the class at that time. By the time she was a 10th grader. there were 7!
Cathy finished high school in 11th grade and went on to work for Charokee State Bank and finished her two requirred senior classes in night school at the U of M.
Cathy has 7 children and 16 grandchildren!
Cathy sold her big house and moved to Prior Lake.
Cathy started in Rotary in 1989 - she was one of the first women in Rotary along with Char.
Cathy was President of the Hopkins Rotary in the 1990's only women president in that century.
Cathy also served as Assistant District Governor for a couple of terms.

Alexa reminded the Committee that she is taking donations of material and even old sewing machines for the Girls for Uganda Project. This project will ensure that girls can be in school more and will also help them to earn income for themselves and their families.

Rotary Summit One - September 15th it is free don't forget to sign up..

Guest Speaker next week - How Rutt - Cardiac Arrest.

Should we have one more meeting for the fundraiser - Jacob will contact Chris to discuss.