Rotaract Support

Rotaract is a community group of younger people. Rotary Clubs are sometimes made up of older people ........ and Gen Xers, Gen Yers, and Millennials don't feel like they are ready for Rotary. Retaract is group for younger people, ages 18 to 35, to join together. They get a chance to serve others. They get a chance to network with their peers. They get a chance to find some mentors in Rotary to help guide them and grow.

Young people don't always understand about giving and Rotaract provides them with a place to serve and give to their communities.

Rotaract has a stronger presence elsewhere and there are several Rotary Clubs, here in Minnesota, that are supporting the WestMetro Rotaract Club.

Rotaract as well as the Rotary International Exchange Student Program have the ability to be an excellent feeder program into Rotary. Young people need an atmosphere to grow. If they spend their time with their pals in a bar talking and solving the worlds problems .... it is ultimately the same activity with a little less drinking at Rotaract with more of a focus that is uplifting and less of the complaining as our young people solve the problems in their world.